The Best Black Eyed Pea Recipes for the New Year

If you’re not from the Southeastern United States, you might not know much about this New Year’s tradition. Instead of alcohol and appetizers, ring in the new year with a black eyed peas recipe. In the South, black eyed peas have been associated with good luck for centuries. If you want good luck in 2022, go with black eyed pea recipes!

Besides good luck, choose black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for a healthy start to to the year. Beans and legumes (black eyed peas are beans and not a vegetable) are a fantastic source of fiber and protein, while being naturally low in fat and cholesterol.

To get your 2022 going on the right foot, here are 7 of the best black eyed pea recipes for the New Year:

Creamy and Spicy Black-Eyed Peas – Is this the craziest black eyed peas recipe you’ve ever seen? This vegetarian black eyed peas recipe was my first ever attempt at cooking with this legume, and the result was a smashing success. If you want to bring in the New Year with some boldness, then these spicy black eyed peas are for you.

Low Fat Caribbean Beans and Rice – The combination of rice and beans is a classic low cost one, and this recipe takes that combination up a notch. Black eyed peas and rice is a stellar duo, and you are sure to love the Caribbean flair found in this dish.

Loaded Spinach and Vegetable Soup – Since so many of us celebrate New Year’s in a cold climate, this warm and comforting soup is an ideal black eyed peas recipe. The legumes add heft to this hearty and filling soup option.

Hoppin John – This is the quintessential Southern black eyed peas recipe, and one of the most traditional dishes to eat on New Year’s. Think of this dish as beans and rice, but with a distinctive Southern spin you’re sure to love.

Hoppin John Burgers – This DIR original uses black eyed peas, barbecue sauce, Panko breadcrumbs, ham, and brown rice to make a unique way to enjoy this new year good luck charm.

Crock Pot Beef and Black Eyed Peas – If you’re looking to incorporate black eyed peas into your New Year’s Day dinner entrée, then this is the recipe for you. Since the slow cooker does just about all of the cooking work for you, you can devote your New Year’s Day energy to other tasks such as watching college football or recovering from New Year’s Eve.

Your turn: Do you incorporate black eyes peas into your New Year’s festivities? What are your personal favorite black-eyed pea recipes for the New Year?

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