The Best Hangover Cure

While you shouldn’t get plastered in the first place, we all know that New Year’s Eve is one of those occasions where many of us will overindulge. That means many of us will also start 2024 groggy and out of it.

There have been many hangover cures touted over the years, with most of them being mere quackery. Some swear by greasy food like a sausage and egg biscuit, or just grab some coffee.

According to scientists, the best option (besides just waiting it out and drinking water) is toast and a healthy scoop of honey. Hangovers happen when the body converts alcohol into the toxic chemical called acetaldehyde, but the fructose in honey helps the body break down alcohol into a harmless byproduct. Toast adds potassium and sodium, which apparently also help.

There’s always “hair of the dog,” or having a drink of alcohol when you wake up. I have friends who swear by Bloody Marys, which contain vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and spices like black and cayenne pepper.

“Hair of the dog only works if it relieves alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which suggests you are becoming addicted,” says Dr. John Emsley, of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK. “Only time cures a hangover, and generally the acetaldehyde will be gone by mid-morning or midday. You can speed recovery by taking in more fluids,” says Dr. John Emsley.

When you go out, if you think you may overindulge a little, you can minimize your chances of a hangover if you work in some water and even diet soda in between your drinks. Stick with clear alcohol like vodka, and before you go to bed, drink a big glass of water.

(via: The Telegraph)

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