The Big Food Trends You Can Expect to Devour in 2023


‘Tis the season for predicting what 2023 will be like! Many forecasts have been made about the food trends that are awaiting us next year, and we are excited about so many of them! Over the past few years, we have seen food items like cupcakes and cronuts, popsicles, sriracha, quinoa, and bacon rise to unprecedented levels of pop culture fandom, while food-related conversations have hit on things like locally-traded food, organic food, and food trucks.

So what do we have to look forward to noshing on in 2023? Let’s dig in!

green tea smoothie

1. Liquid Revolution!

According to McCormick Spice Company, 2023 will bring somewhat of a liquid revolution. Purees and juices will make the rounds, focusing on a “more fun” way to consume those 13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

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2. Middle Eastern flavor. 

With diets focusing on Mediterranean foods, it is no surprise that 2023 could very well be a big year for Middle Eastern flavors. Look forward to more cumin and coriander, and dishes like hummus, pita, kebab, falafel, and lamb burgers! Sounds delicious, right? More evidence is how coriander and cumin have been trending recently on Pinterest.

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3. Indoor gardening! 

Sure, indoor gardening does not have to automatically translate to a food trend, but with indoor gardening being talked about on Pinterest’s Top 100 Pins and Buzzfeed, it is safe to assume growing your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits indoors will be a big deal in 2023. With veggies this fresh and this local, you’ll be more inclined to eat what you grow.


4. Maple water

Coconut water has certainly had its time to shine during recent years, but would you consider maple water? According to MindBodyGreen, we could see a rise in the market. Maple, cactus, and watermelon waters are all increasing in popularity. Don’t buy in to the health claim hype though; treat it as a delicious new drink that’s healthier than a soda. Don’t sip up this stuff if you think it’s the new miracle brew on the block.

avocado coleslaw dressing

5. It’s cabbage time.
Kale has been a nearly obnoxious food trend for years now, and it’s not likely to slow anytime soon. But cabbage is giving kale a run for its money. Cabbage is super nutrient dense and has been popping up on restaurant menus more and more. Whether you’re in to bitter and sour, or a healthy crunch, it’s a versatile vegetable you can enjoy on or in most anything!


6. Cookies! 

Switching from the weight loss conversation, McCormick predicts that cookies could very well be the dessert of the year. As we have seen with pies and cupcakes in recent years, cookies may have their time in the limelight. With varieties beyond the classic chocolate chip cookie, imagine dessert menus with cookie bars, cookie pies, cookies in cups, and more.

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Whatever 2023 cooks up, we are excited to enjoy it all!

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