The Truth About Abs

Many people often believe that doing crunches and sit-ups will help get that six pack that they have always wanted. Well, by performing crunches and sit-ups you will definitely work the ab muscles and get that so called “tone”, but you will probably not get the result that you want without proper diet and cardio work-out. If you want abs, you have no other option but to watch your diet and do your cardio. By performing crunches and sit-ups, you are working the muscle under the fat and you need to burn the fat in order for that six pack to “pop out.”

Muscle tissue and fat tissue are two different types of tissue and you need to burn the fat tissue before you can see that six pack. Doing crunches alone will never get the results that you are looking for. You would have to perform millions of crunches to get the results that proper diet and cardio can achieve.

I have put together a few exercise tips that may help you achieve your desired goal:

1. Watch your carbohydrate and fat intake

2. Eat a high protein, low-fat and low-carb diet

3. Do thirty minutes to an hour of cardio each day for at least five days a week

4. Do the following ab workout as well (two sets of 20 to 30 repetitions each):

2 Responses to The Truth About Abs

Pat says:

What ab workout?

Brandi says:

Pat – The ab workout is two sets of 20-30 reps each of the video series embedded in the blog post. It should load right up for you. If not, try a different browser.

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