We Love Evol Burritos

Finding healthy snacks foods can be tricky. My kids come home from school ravenous and ready to eat anything that doesn’t move, but finding a food that a) is healthy enough to make me happy, and b) yummy enough to make them happy is, c) a tall order to fill. I was recently sent a selection of Evol frozen mini burritos. Evol is Love spelled backwards, and love is what I feel for these bites of yummy goodness.

Tom Speir and Brendan Synnott, two of the founders of Bear Naked granola, discovered these all natural burritos that were being  sold on the side of a mountain to climbers. Impressed by the flavor and quality of the burritos, they created a partnership with the creator, Phil Anson. Made with fresh ingredients, including free range chicken, whole wheat tortillas, and house made chorizo, these burritos have been profiled in Oprah, Vegetarian Times, Hungry Girl and Shape, and were voted Best Burrito by Men’s Health magazine.

From the Evol website:

“We believe that frozen food can, and should, taste great – it is the perfect opportunity to combine convenience with excellence. These made-from-scratch, portable-power snacks prove an awesome messenger for our statement to the frozen world: TASTE RULES. Think we are excited? You bet… at EVOL, we LOVE our burritos.”

I sampled the Bean and Cheese mini burrito. I popped it in my microwave – you can also cook them in the oven or, interestingly enough, on the panini press – and in just a minute, had a handful size hot burrito. It was well spiced, full of beans and not too crammed with cheese. With just 190 calories and 7 grams of fiber, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  It was yummy, and before I knew it, it had disappeared. There was only one thing to do: sample another flavor. Happily, the Shredded Beef was just as delicious.  With other choices like Chicken & Cheese, Chicken & Black Bean, and Chicken, Bean & Rice, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to find your favorite. The burritos were filling, perfectly spiced, and I had no guilt after eating them, the way I would after eating, say, a Taco Bell burrito, which can have more than 700 calories. The mini burritos are perfect for afternoon snacks, with every option less than 200 calories.

The company has pledged to follow green manufacturing policies, including composting, purchasing Wind-E credits, recycling, using bicycles to deliver products and buying as locally as possible. They are indeed a company with a conscience.

I would highly recommend these mini burritos, sold at Whole Foods, as a delicious, nutritious, convenient snack to keep on hand. Easy to prepare, good for you and yummy in your tummy – what’s not to enjoy?

While EVOL foods provided Carmen with product to facilitate her review, this review is her own opinion and was not influenced or sponsored in any way.

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