Weight Loss is Possible Even During the Holidays

Renée Ross leverages the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of important social and health-related causes. Renée has lost over 50 pounds and utilized social media to document her journey. She ran her first half-marathon in October 2021 and raised over $5000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a member of Team in Training. This year she has run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, the NYC 13.1, the Rock n Roll Savannah ½ Marathon and will run the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day 1/2 Marathon and the Miami Latin Music ½ marathon. Renée is also a licensed Zumba instructor. You can read more tips by Renee on her blog ReneeJRoss.net

Healthy living. I have been on a journey to healthy living on and off for the majority of my life. And we are all familiar with the hardest time of the year for healthy living – the holidays! But, I truly question this. Is the holiday season truly the most difficult time of the year? When you think about it, there are several major holidays in a 6 week span of time. But because it is the holiday season, why do we think we have carte blanch to forgo all of the healthy habits we’ve developed during the year?

When I started my weight loss journey in 2021, it was the week of Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING! That week, I ended up losing 8 pounds. And not only did I have a lovely Thanksgiving meal but I also went out for sushi! So, by making healthy choices we can indulge and enjoy the holidays without going overboard and having ten extra pounds to lose when the New Year rolls around!

My tips are:

Everything in moderation: If I want some eggnog, I’ll drink some but I’ll substitute it out for another snack I might have had during the day. The same goes for sweet treats, alcohol, etc. And sometimes, I’ll even work out twice in one day to make up for the splurging I do.

Food Journal: I write down all of the things I eat during the holiday season. And in those moments when I go overboard (it does happen, I am human after all!) I write down what I’m feeling so I can try and curb the desire next time.

Meal Plan: Before the holiday season I realized I’d gained weight and decided I needed to do something about it. So I returned to Jenny Craig because I like having my meals planned out for me. Once I am adjusted to portion sizes I will ease into making my own meals but for now, Jenny is a God send. After my refresher with Jenny Craig, I plan on returning to SparkPeople.com for my meal planning.

Move it: Although the weather is “kinda frightful” it is important to continue to move your body and exercise. I am partial to running but when it is too cold I will workout in my home using my video consoles. Exercise can be fun you know and those dancing games burn up a ton of calories and can get your family in on the action!

Enjoy: When you do indulge in the holiday treats, savor the flavor. Indulge. Enjoy.

Happy holidays to you and I hope these tips help you keep those pounds gained to a minimum or to none at all!


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