Weight Watchers Mobile iPhone App Specializes in Convenience

weight watchers mobile iphoneIt’s now easier and more convenient than ever to participate in the Weight Watchers program on the go, thanks to the new Weight Watchers Mobile app for iPhone. This app makes it a cinch to manage your plan while calculating and tracking your POINTS.

Delivering a new recipe to your phone daily, the app gives you the ability to save up to ten of your favorite recipes. You can create shopping lists from your favorites – no more “I forgot one ingredient!” excuse at the store! Enter your ZIP code in and find a meeting in your neighborhood. Going to a restaurant? No problem! There are even cheat sheets available!

One of the downsides to this program is the inability to track your info while offline, which makes this an iPhone-only app, not fully usable for the iPod Touch. However, the POINTS calculator and food database do work in the offline mode – just not the tracker.

Also, you do not have full access to the program (the e-tools membership) if you aren’t a member of Weight Watchers Online; but, in reality, not many people will use the app if not a member of Weight Watchers. For those who do belong, it’s an amazing extension of the online site and makes tracking a much easier process than using pen and paper.

One other little missing feature – there’s no weight tracker.weight watchers iphone

Despite these missing bits, the app is a great addition to your Weight Watchers membership and would make tracking your intake a snap. The ability to read success stories from other users helps keep me motivated and focused and avoid those peanut butter cookies in the kitchen!

One other added bonus: you have the ability to search by specialty, i.e. Italian, Chinese, to find the best choices to fit in with your POINTS. You can also use this app at the gym, to track your exercise and find activities that will help boost your POINTS value.

All in all, I think that this app is definitely a good choice for those on the Weight Watchers plan, as it is a great extension of the program. Used correctly, it will help you reach your goals in a user friendly yet high tech manner.

Best of all, the Weight Watchers Mobile iPhone app is free!

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