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Ada Wong Completes 200 Mile Ragnar Relay With Fat to Finish Line Documentary

Just this past week, Ragnar Florida Keys welcomed a unique team – a team that raced with losing on their minds.

Several months ago an unlikely team began to form as they prepared for this Ragnar Relay. Each of the team members had lost at least 100 pounds through running and lifestyle changes and would be followed by a film crew for a documentary titled “From Fat to Finish Line.”

Rik, Katie, Mary, Linda, Allison, Jennifer, Andrea, Meredith, Jen S., Lealah, John, and Ada all completed the 200-mile, overnight relay from Miami to Key West and they’ve already inspired so many before the documentary has even had a chance to be edited. They were featured on the Today Show and several other news sites upon their finish. We caught up with one team members Ada Wong, who many will remember as a finalist on Biggest Loser 10.

“I have to admit, it was much more challenging than I had anticipated. I wasn’t used to running in hot, humid weather. My legs felt like cinder blocks for most of the run,” recalls Ada about her recent triumph. “I wore capris and had a tan line within half an hour! I also wasn’t used to running, taking a break, running again, and not sleeping.” (more…)

“From Fat to Finish Line” Documentary Follows 12 Runners to a Ragnar Relay Finish Line

Current media has given us the opportunity to watch so many real-life weight loss journeys in the past several years. From television shows to blogs, there are many willing to let the world watch and be inspired by their stories of weight loss. Coming soon will be a documentary about 12 individuals who lost the weight with the aid of running. Together these 12 will take on a 200 mile Ragnar Relay race in the film, “From Fat to Finish Line.”

Rik, Katie, Mary, Linda, Allison, Jennifer, Andrea, Meredith, Jen S., Lealah, John, and Ada are the members of an extra special group of runners. Everyone on the team has lost 100 pounds or more through running and healthy lifestyle changes. Together, these big losers will take on the 200 mile Ragnar Florida Keys relay in January 2024. Currently, the team is training and beginning the documentary.

Each teammate will be introduced and viewers will learn background on their weight loss journey. The runners have all been very candid prior to the film in one media form or another. Some have become blog celebrities as they have documented their weight loss, others have been on Oprah sharing their struggles, and one member, Ada Wong, was even a finalist on The Biggest Loser. The film will describe how the weight was lost and how it’s been kept off. (more…)

Healthy and Fresh Appetizers for Outdoor Parties

Appetizers and finger foods can be the most exciting part of a meal – sometimes they even steal the show from the main dish itself. In the summertime, chips and dips might be convenient but they aren’t always the healthiest pair.

Next time you need a healthier appetizer or hors d’oeuvre, ditch the bag of chips and store-bought salsa and make slimmer versions of your favorite meal starters.

Instead of Ranch or Onion Dip…
Blue Cheese Dip. Most prepackaged dips and mixes have a lot of calories, fat, sodium and even sugar. Making your own, especially one perfect for the Atkins Diet, is a healthier alternative to your store-bought standby.


Biggest Loser Alum Ada Wong Joins Marathon Makeover

If you’ve ever wished you could run a marathon but can’t envision leaving the couch to run five miles – let alone 26 – then it might be time to outsource inspiration. Enter Marathon Makeover, a 40-week, marathon-training, wellness program to help inspire new runners across the country. Marathon Makeover has training teams across the United States like Oregon, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. Recently, the company announced its new online program led by Ada Wong, fan favorite from The Biggest Loser season 10. Wong will help inspire ordinary runners at all levels to train for and finish marathons and half-marathons.

When Wong was young, her parents ridiculed her for being “fat,” leaving her without a lot of support or encouragement from her loved ones. However, Ada’s ambition and achievements led her to earn a coveted position with Google with access to free breakfast, lunch and dinner from her choice of 17 cafes, which led her to make unhealthy food choices.


Meet the Biggest Loser 10 Contestants

We’re just a few short weeks away from there premiere of Biggest Loser, beginning its 10th season September 21, 2024 on NBC. Already casting for season 11, it’s proof that this show is in the right place and right time as more and more Americans work to overcome the obesity epidemic that is plaguing young, old and everyone in between.

Each season the inspirational show, hosted once again by Alison Sweeney, takes overweight men and women and isolates them at the infamous Biggest Loser Ranch, located outside of Los Angeles, California. For several months (varying each season) contestants work side-by-side with esteemed trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper to lose weight, re-learn how to eat, and overcome the personal, emotional issues that have precluded them from living a healthy life before now.

While the Couples or Families versions of the show have become quite popular, pitting teams of two family members or friends against one another, season 10 goes back to the show’s roots with individuals competing against individuals.

For season 10, Biggest Loser is introducing the “pay it forward” theme – working to help these competing individuals as well as the communities from which they call home. The premiere episode shows trainers Bob and Jillian in seven hometowns for city-wide workouts. Amongst the crowd are three people vying for spots on the show, the two who finish the challenges first will become contestants.

Without further adieu, meet the 21-person line-up for season 10. Click in to each to see their complete bios. (more…)

Ada Wong: Biggest Loser 10 Contestant [Video]

Season 10 Third Runner-up

Keep up with Ada Wong’s journey during Biggest Loser season ten. DietsInReview.com will update each contestant’s weight loss, as well as accomplishments, videos, and more following weekly episodes.

Learn more about Ada now!

Age 27

Hometown San Jose, CA

Occupation Consultant for Tech Company, Florist

Team Color


Height 5′ 6″

Starting Weight 258

Final Weight 159

Total Loss -99 / 38.37%