“From Fat to Finish Line” Documentary Follows 12 Runners to a Ragnar Relay Finish Line

Current media has given us the opportunity to watch so many real-life weight loss journeys in the past several years. From television shows to blogs, there are many willing to let the world watch and be inspired by their stories of weight loss. Coming soon will be a documentary about 12 individuals who lost the weight with the aid of running. Together these 12 will take on a 200 mile Ragnar Relay race in the film, “From Fat to Finish Line.”

Rik, Katie, Mary, Linda, Allison, Jennifer, Andrea, Meredith, Jen S., Lealah, John, and Ada are the members of an extra special group of runners. Everyone on the team has lost 100 pounds or more through running and healthy lifestyle changes. Together, these big losers will take on the 200 mile Ragnar Florida Keys relay in January 2020. Currently, the team is training and beginning the documentary.

Each teammate will be introduced and viewers will learn background on their weight loss journey. The runners have all been very candid prior to the film in one media form or another. Some have become blog celebrities as they have documented their weight loss, others have been on Oprah sharing their struggles, and one member, Ada Wong, was even a finalist on The Biggest Loser. The film will describe how the weight was lost and how it’s been kept off.

Finally, the film will cover these over-comers as they take on the 200 mile relay. A feat once deemed impossible by these obese individuals, they’ll surely inspire us all to dream big and never give up.

Jennifer Roe is one of the 12. The film steals its name from her blog, “From Fat to Finish Line.” She shared some of her story and vision for the project.

“I think what’s most compelling is that we range in age from early 20s to mid-40s, from single to married with kids. Some of us work, others are stay at home moms – we span the country from San Diego, CA to Maine – yet we all found a way to make major lifestyle changes, we all were on a path to poor health, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension. We, like the rest of America, all thought at one time, ‘Run? Me? Never.’ But each of us found a small kernel of hope. We took the chance on ourselves. We found the courage to change. We hit bumps in the road but persevered. We went from not being able to run, to being able to run a little, and now ultimately we’ll be running for 200 miles as a team. We are not overnight success stories. It took me three years to lose my weight. But we did it. We are ordinary Americans. We aren’t wealthy, didn’t have anything special handed to us. We didn’t use diet pills or get surgery. We just worked and never gave up. That’s something that is in all of us. Everyone can do what we did. We hope that message will prevail.”

As the project comes together, there will surely be more inspiring news. Follow along on the From Fat to Finish Line Facebook page.

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