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Top Five Cave-Person Checklist Starting a Paleo Diet

Andrew Rubalcava runs the health and fitness site Go Healthy Go Fit. Since adopting a Paleo lifestyle, Andrew has gone from 13.2% body fat at 192 lbs. to 6% body fat at 165 pounds.

1. Eat food that has lived a good life.
If you’ve ever seen a time-lapsed photo of a flower’s journey from bloom to whither, then you already have a perfect example of how your food should have lived. Whether it’s a vegetable, a fruit or an animal, they all have one thing in common: They lived! Start by eating only these foods and the rest will follow.

2. Just because it isn’t plastic doesn’t mean it’s real food.
The concept of modern food packaging is meant to fool you into thinking what you are about to eat is “fresh”, and therefore guilty of being real by association. “Packed fresh” and “over processed” do not cancel each other out. Be wary of packaged goods. (more…)

Healthy Superbowl Recipes

andrew rubalcavaOur guest post today comes today comes to us from Andrew Rubalcava, a 26-year-old native of Los Angeles, runs the health and fitness blog Go Healthy Go Fit. His “Healthy Tailgating Recipes” series has featured the top authorities on the grill, including Ray Lampe, author of The NFL Gameday Cookbook and David Joachim, author of The Tailgater’s Cookbook. As we prepare for the Steelers vs. Cardinals to face-off on February 1, he offers some healthier snack choices.

Buffalo Wings Are Out: Deli Platters Are In

Everyone gets deep fried wings, but it takes originality to be a good host. Go to your local supermarket deli and order a platter comprised of beef, chicken and/or turkey cold cuts. (more…)

Music That Makes You Move

headphonesWhen I’m in the gym, I want music that makes me feel like I have no choice but to move. Sometimes to keep the workout interesting, I’ll run on the elliptical to the beat of the music- so for three or four minutes it might be really fast, and then the next song might slow me down a bit. I like Rhianna, Justin Timberlake and The Killers while I’m working out.

Recently, Andrew at GoHealthyGoFit published the music preferred by several fitness bloggers, including our resident trainer Matt Johnson. It’s worth checking out – you’ll learn a bit more about Matt, and maybe find some new tunes to get your heart rate going in the gym.