Top Five Cave-Person Checklist Starting a Paleo Diet

Andrew Rubalcava runs the health and fitness site Go Healthy Go Fit. Since adopting a Paleo lifestyle, Andrew has gone from 13.2% body fat at 192 lbs. to 6% body fat at 165 pounds.

1. Eat food that has lived a good life.
If you’ve ever seen a time-lapsed photo of a flower’s journey from bloom to whither, then you already have a perfect example of how your food should have lived. Whether it’s a vegetable, a fruit or an animal, they all have one thing in common: They lived! Start by eating only these foods and the rest will follow.

2. Just because it isn’t plastic doesn’t mean it’s real food.
The concept of modern food packaging is meant to fool you into thinking what you are about to eat is “fresh”, and therefore guilty of being real by association. “Packed fresh” and “over processed” do not cancel each other out. Be wary of packaged goods.

3. Your workouts should be defined by strife.
When you see someone working out with a smile on their face, chances are they aren’t trying hard enough. Fitness under the Paleo lifestyle is meant to be difficult, challenging and explosive at the same time. So dismiss the concept of “cardio” and opt for a more high intensity interval approach.

4. An ever-changing variety will set you free to reach your goals
Cavemen and women had all kinds of physical and nutritional obstacles in their way. This led them to eat what they could and exert their power as was necessary. Thus was born the concept of variety being the spice of life. So spice up your meals, workouts and your life by avoiding consistency for too long!

5. Cavemen evolved by outsmarting the world – Give them credit!
You will hear all kinds of criticism for embracing this way of life. But the bottom line is that cavemen had to out-hustle, out-smart and out-last every animal on the planet to become the dominant species. In order to understand this way of life you must give credit to the architects who forged the way!

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