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Three Arizona Women Lose 150 Pounds with TeamFit Bootcamp

When you hear the term “bootcamp,” what comes to mind? An angry drill sergeant forcing you to do more push ups than you can count? Well, if you visited TeamFit bootcamp in Gilbert, Arizona you’d find quite a different scene. Yes, there are pushups, but owner and trainer Jeff Vukobratovich prides himself on offering up fun, innovative workouts that will get anyone motivated to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Vukobratovich made TeamFit easy for people to fit into their everyday lives. Each 45-minute workout is a fast-moving, cardio-driven, strength training session that incorporates agility drills, core strengthening, and more. It’s no surprise people are seeing results.

Cindy Fredette, 46, is one of those success stories. Fredette is a teacher and mom of three living in Gilbert. She weighed nearly 165 pounds and was a size 14 when she started TeamFit. Today she weighs just 125 pounds and feels more toned than ever at a size 5. In total, she’s lost more than 25 inches. It all started with a willingness to try something new for the sake of improving her health. (more…)

Best Yoga Vacations Around the World

Relaxation is probably the number one reason why we go on a vacation- and stress reduction is one of the most popular reasons why people turn to yoga. So what happens when you combine the calming effects of yoga with the tranquility of a beach resort? A very memorable, peaceful and healthy vacation.

Thanks to the rise of yoga, a complete yoga-inspired culture has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. So it should come as no surprise that where we choose to go for some rest and repose also has some space for sticky mats, incense and vegetarian fare.

For those who want to stay in the country or for those who want to venture abroad, when it comes to taking a yoga vacation, you have a tremendous number of options available to you.

Here are some of the hottest destinations for a yoga vacation. (more…)

Best Gyms In Phoenix

Phoenix is the state capitol of Arizona and it is the fifth largest city in the nation with a population of 1.6 million people. Phoenix has a subtropical arid climate and the yearly average temperature is around seventy-four degrees. The hottest temperature ever recorded was one hundred and twenty-two degrees in June of 1990.

Phoenix is home to top notch professional sports teams and a few to mention are: Arizona Cardinals (football), Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball), Phoenix Suns (basketball), and the Phoenix Coyotes (ice hockey). Phoenix has also been home to health and fitness for awhile now and below are the best gyms in and around the Phoenix area!

Best Gyms In Phoenix:

  • Village Racquet & Health Club: With state of the art facilities across the state of Arizona, this health club is simply amazing. This is the best of the best! For more information visit www.villageclubs.com.
  • Pure Fitness: Pure has eleven Valley locations to help you reach your fitness goals. From top notch fitness equipment to the friendly staff; you can’t go wrong with this facility!! (more…)