Three Arizona Women Lose 150 Pounds with TeamFit Bootcamp

When you hear the term “bootcamp,” what comes to mind? An angry drill sergeant forcing you to do more push ups than you can count? Well, if you visited TeamFit bootcamp in Gilbert, Arizona you’d find quite a different scene. Yes, there are pushups, but owner and trainer Jeff Vukobratovich prides himself on offering up fun, innovative workouts that will get anyone motivated to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Vukobratovich made TeamFit easy for people to fit into their everyday lives. Each 45-minute workout is a fast-moving, cardio-driven, strength training session that incorporates agility drills, core strengthening, and more. It’s no surprise people are seeing results.

Cindy Fredette, 46, is one of those success stories. Fredette is a teacher and mom of three living in Gilbert. She weighed nearly 165 pounds and was a size 14 when she started TeamFit. Today she weighs just 125 pounds and feels more toned than ever at a size 5. In total, she’s lost more than 25 inches. It all started with a willingness to try something new for the sake of improving her health.

“TeamFit has played a major role in my life for the past two years. Jeff is amazing! His program provides not just amazing workouts, but also nutritional and emotional support as well,” she said. “He posts blogs addressing common issues we all struggle with and has a nutritionist on hand to answer nutrition-specific questions.”

Cindy feels Jeff has created an environment where people of all ages, shapes, sizes and physical abilities are able to work out and not feel pressure to compete. “He encourages us to push ourselves without worrying about the others who may be more physically able,” she said. “We all encourage each other and keep each other accountable. I consider many members part of my family.”

With the help of Jeff and TeamFit nutritionists, Cindy now makes much smarter diet choices. As well, workouts are no longer optional. “I work around my workouts,” she said. “There are rarely times I can’t make a workout, but making my workouts is a choice I make.”

Kylie Bowyer is a 23-year-old employee support representative also from Gilbert, Arizona who struggled with her body image at nearly 190 pounds. After hearing about TeamFit from her mother, she decided to give one of their three-month specials a try. More than a year later, Kylie is a trim 139 pounds and has acquired a love for both healthy eating and fitness.

Before her transformation Kylie was so self-conscious she would rarely go out in public, which affected her relationship with her husband and family. But that all changed in 2024 when she fully committed to the TeamFit program.

“When I first started working out, everybody told me ‘eat whatever you want, you’re working hard so you deserve it.’ The harsh reality was, I didn’t deserve it nor could I afford to put it in my mouth,” she said.

Kylie quickly realized that if she was going to push herself that hard each day, putting her body through torture, she didn’t want to waste all that hard work on a donut or french fries. So she did something simple: She gave up soda. Then other small changes occurred and she learned that food is not pleasure and we should never reward ourselves with treats.

With TeamFit’s help, Kylie now understands the difference between good and bad fats and how chemicals in processed foods do harm to our bodies. More importantly, she has gained a new perspective on life and health. “I learned that it’s not always about being the skinny girl in the room, having the knowledge to know that I’m healthy is a way better feeling!”

When Shanna Love, 42, from Mesa, Arizona joined TeamFit she weighed nearly 220 pounds. Having tried many times to get healthy without succeeding, she was ready to accept the “fat girl” label for the rest of her life. After hearing about TeamFit in April 2024 from her niece, Shanna decided to give it a try.

“The first class was outside and I was 110 percent sure I was going to die…after warm up. But I made it through that class. And the next one. And the next one. Before I realized it, I was hooked,” she said. “I was so sore and could barely walk but I was loving TeamFit.”

To lose the weight Shanna simply put the advice of her trainers in action. “Seriously, they put out the best advice and menus. Put away the pride, think and eat outside the box, try the new stuff they suggest. It’s not that bad. Some of it even rocks! Even my picky daughter eats it.”

Today, nearly two years later, Shanna is still commited to the program and weighs a slim 163 pounds. Her favorite part about the journey has been that it’s taken the responsibility of planning the workouts out of her hands. “Jeff does all the thinking and I just have to show up. That is my favorite part. I work all day; I don’t want to have to think anymore. I just show up and do what he says.”

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