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Jillian Michaels trains the Biggest Loser winner

Once again, Jillian Michaels produced not only the Biggest Loser, Ali Vincent, she also produced the at-home Biggest Loser, Bernie. Training partner Bob Harper has said she’s possibly the best trainer in the world. At a petite 5’2″ and 115 pounds, she says her training with Ali consisted of “Beatings, Beatings, Beatings.”

Watch the DietsInReview.com interview with Jillian to see her reaction to Ali’s win as the first female Biggest Loser and what she lost to Ali in their bet.

Jillian Michaels – Black Team Trainer from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

Congratulations Bernie! Biggest Loser’s at-home winner.

We were thrilled to be there last night to see Bernie win the Biggest Loser at-home winner. Bernie was never one of the big guys in the house, but beat the odds by losing more weight than Curtis, Dan and final four contestant Mark. He lost 130 pounds to lose the highest percentage of weight in the house and he’ll be taking home $100,000.

Bernie Salazar – Biggest Loser at home winner from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

He told DietsInReview.com after his elimination that he planned to use that money to help his mom repair her badly damaged basement due to three floods in Indiana this past year. Last night, he kept to his word and assured that will be the first thing he does.We had the pleasure of meeting Bernie’s entire family and they are truly some of the kindest and funniest people. Bernie is blessed with an amazing family and they certainly have a lot to be proud of in him.

Best of luck to your Bernie, Biggest Loser at-home!

My exercise plan – 4

It’s been two solid weeks of this new get-fit lifestyle and I have to admit that I like it. I feel fantastic. A little more energy, sleeping a little better. And while no one is going to walk up to me and tell me it looks like I’ve lost weight, I like to think I can feel a difference.

This week and next week are going to be big tests. I’m traveling today through Wednesday, LA for the Biggest Loser finale and then to Kansas City and all of next week in New York. Plenty of temptations all along the way that are easy to ignore in the comfort of home, but I think I can do it. I know this because toning up and being fit isn’t a phase- it’s a standard I’m setting for myself.

Does this mean I won’t drink? No. Will I have as much as I usually would? Definitely not. Will I have dessert? Sure- but a few bites to quench my sweet tooth and know that I don’t need to finish the entire thing. Instead of sitting during a two-hour layover I’ll walk around the terminal. Surely that and lugging two very heavy pieces of luggage count as exercise.

I’m not of the school of thought that that thinks it’s all or nothing. I fully believe the school of thought “all things in moderation.”

Flying today was a good experience. I was nervous as I’ve always hit the quickest fast-food burger in between flights. Today, I packed some Kashi granola bars for fighting off the munchies and I made my way to the Au Bon Pain in the DFW terminal. It was light, fresh and delicious.

I won’t get to meet the trainer on our regularly scheduled days this week. Will have to pull a Saturday morning to get it all in. I plan on getting up in the morning to hit the hotel gym as well.

With that said- I’m so excited to report that I’ve lost five total pounds, another two pounds last week. That’s a bag of sugar!

Week 2
Weight: 138
BMI: 23.7

Weight: 143
BMI: 25.5

Don’t forget, you can follow along with my progress during the week, as well as all the DietsInReview updates at Twitter.

Interview with Biggest Loser’s Roger Schultz

Biggest Loser wrapped its final on-campus episode last night with a dramatic twist, and a first for Biggest Loser. America will vote for the third finalist. This was news that Roger Schultz and Mark Kruger weren’t expecting when they fell below the yellow line. I spoke with Roger this afternoon to hear his thoughts on the voting twist. He’s hopeful America will side with him- and says he could use the winnings now that he’s without a job. Roger was really fun to speak with. For a moment, it feels as though that deep Southern accent could be contagious! This lovable family man is enjoying this new life and anxious, just as we are, for next week’s finale.

Listen to the Audio here or read the transcript below.

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Roger Biggest LoserHow do you feel about the America Votes twist?
I think it’s great. Being a fan of the show and seeing this- I think it’s great to get them involved. Especially because I was going to go home.You’re 100% certain you would have gone home?
Oh heck yeah! Are you kidding me? I knew I was going home. That’s why I turned and congratulated Mark- I said “Mark, Congratulations- you made the finals.” I knew the whole time I was on the show if I ever dropped below that yellow line I was headed to the house. That was what I was expecting.

If you didn’t walk away knowing you were going to the finale last night, you did walk away with a brand new Biggest Loser house record. You lost 144 pounds on the ranch. That’s a person Roger!

Yes it is. My wife only ways 129. I was teasing someone and said I lost my wife. They said “Oh no! What happened?” I said “Figuratively speaking, I lost my wife.”How do you feel?
I feel great, I feel wonderful. Still getting used to it because I still think like a fat person. You evaluate a room, look to see if you’re gonna break a chair or where you can sit. Or when I go shopping I still have a hard time- I just get the XXL shirt and go “Oh crap, this isn’t going to fit.” I have to get a large. I’m a 34 in jeans- I was a 54.

Seeing last night the videos and cardboard cut-out from 15 weeks ago, it was hard to believe. Almost like seeing someone in makeup.

I had a fat suit on I thought. It’s so weird. You go through the process. We had one little mirror in our bathroom, but you don’t get to see the whole… Everyone is going along losing weight and you just don’t grasp it. I’ve talked to people right in their face, and they not even know who I am and they’re friends.

How are you doing in the kitchen now that you’re home. You didn’t hesitate to let everyone know you’re not a cook. Have you picked some things up in the kitchen?
I cook for my wife all the time now that I’m a house husband. It’s really simple and amazing how quick and easy it is to cook healthy foods fast. It’s so corny and I’m not trying to do a product placement- but Ziploc bags are the greatest things ever. I cut vegetables and put servings in each of these ZIploc bags. Even when I do my chips and things like that- I put exactly one serving in a little snack pack and just have them- so I know what I’m eating and I’m not guessing and don’t keep reaching in the bag.

You said a second ago that you’re a house husband- what’s the story there?
Well, I got back from the show when it wrapped. About a week later my job fired me. America they fired me! I really need the money! I could use it.

Being on Biggest Loser, what are you taking away as your favorite memory and taking away as your least memorable moment?
I guess the, obviously the most memorable would be losing the most weight on campus, the 144 pounds. And the relationship I have with Bob. The friendship we developed I think is pretty strong. Outside of training- just the friendship. He stated it and I feel the same way- I’m the brother he never had. I think my relationship with Bob is something I cherish. Can’t really say anything bad about it- it was all good.

You’re still working out at home getting ready for Tuesday?
Yes I am!

Roger, DietsInReview thanks you for taking the time to visit with us today. Good luck next week!

Lend your support to Roger by voting now at NBC, and get the behind-the-scenes scoop about the vote from Bob and Jillian.

Biggest Loser: Episode 15

It doesn’t seem possible that we’re on the cusp of this season ending. As I said in my first episode recap, I’d never watched the show before, now, I’m completely hooked. So, while I have nothing to compare it to- this season has been one wild ride. Twists and turns around every corner, a lot of man crying, unexpected rallies, plenty of records set and, as Bob Harper put it, a season of one pound.

This season really has fallen to the mercy of a single pound week after week. Bernie went home for one pound; Mark and Jay each gained a pound to send Jay home; Jay spent $10,000 to buy a one pound pass; Last night Roger beat the Biggest Loser on-ranch weight loss record by one pound. The list goes on.

Last night, two impressive records were set. As mentioned, Roger beat the record set by Neil in season four for most weight lost on campus. Early in the week Roger told Bob he’d beat that record and planned to lose no less than 15 pounds. Doubters be damned, he did it! A total Biggest Loser ranch weight loss of 144 pounds. Congratulations Roger! He lost a person… he lost me!

Ali Biggest LoserThe other record deservedly went to miss Ali. She’s lost more weight on campus than any other female in Biggest Loser history- an impressive 99 pounds! Congrats to Ali as well! She’s right on track to be crowned the first-ever female Biggest Loser. As Jillian told her last night, if there’s ever going to be someone who can do it- it’s Ali.

Last night was rather somber. It had that last day of school feeling- everyone reminiscing, not quite ready to let go of all they’ve achieved and gained in the past four months, but biting their nails to get out of there and go home. I really enjoyed the videos looking back at each of their journeys at Biggest Loser. Their reactions were almost disgust at their former selves- many remarking that they didn’t even know who that person was.

The challenge forced them to face their former selves head on- by wearing fat suits custom built to each contestant, weighing the same as they did the day they walked on to campus. Ali seemed to struggle with it emotionally more than anyone else, while Kelly seemed to struggle more with the actual feat of carrying that weight. Once again, Mark claimed the first place position- just as he had in the first challenge. His prize was $10,000 cash (no one pound passes to buy this time), and free meals from the brand new Biggest Loser Meal Plan.Mark Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser has partnered with the acclaimed meal delivery service from Bistro M.D. to provide fans and anyone access to the doctor- and professional chef-designed meals that the contestants enjoy. Meals are delivered to your home weekly and contain an ideal balance of nutrition, calories and serving size. Read the full review of Biggest Loser Meal Plan here.

The weigh-in was one of the most impressive yet. A total of 51 pounds was lost between the final four: Roger -15, Mark -12, Ali -11 and Kelly -13. Remember, this is a game of percentages based on body fat loss. Ali and Kelly once again claimed the top two positions for weight lost, forcing Mark and Roger below the yellow line. As Roger had psyched himself to be eliminated and not make it to the finale, host Allison introduced the final twist of season 5. Last night, there was no elimination. It’s up to you, and me. For the first time ever, Biggest Loser’s third finale contestant will be chosen by America.

Cast your vote– choose between Roger and Mark to compete in the finale. I spoke with Jillian, Bob and the executive producer Mark Koops last week and they shared their insight for the Biggest Loser vote in this Diet Column post. Once you’ve voted- come back here and let us know who you voted for and why.

I’ve got one final Biggest Loser recap- and that one will come live from LA next week. I’ll be backstage to hear from the winner (will it be the first female?) and follow-up with the other finalists and contestants.

Coming up for Biggest Loser at DietsInReview:
– Tomorrow, interviews with Mark and Roger
– Tomorrow, we reveal the winner of the autographed Berndana
– Friday, hear more from Bob and Jillian about the Biggest Loser product placement and Jillian’s take on the editing process
– Tuesday, April 15, watch the live Biggest Loser finale on NBC
– Wednesday, catch the final recap and all the backstage interviews

Interview with Biggest Loser’s Jay Kruger

These interviews with the Biggest Loser eliminees are rather bittersweet. It’s always exciting to have a chance to visit with them. How often do we grow somewhat attached to characters on TV, but never have the opportunity to actually talk to them? That’s the bitter side- that in talking to them, it means I’ve spent the past three months growing attached and now they’re gone. Jay Kruger is definitely one of those. As Ali said last night, he’s the sweet teddy bear in the Biggest Loser house. Jay was likable from the start and made all the more charming with that good ‘ole Boston accent.

As part of the final five, he and his brother the last “couples” team standing, and the tallest member of the all-man blue team, Jay made his departure from Biggest Loser and Australia last night. He selflessly asked to be eliminated after falling below the yellow line with his brother Mark. Here are a few favorite excerpts from our conversation and you can hear the interview in its entirety below.

It was nice that you got to stick around long enough to go to Australia with the final five. What was the most memorable part of being in Australia?
Ahh Geeze! There were so many great things that happened in Australia. For me, it was the bridge climb. Earlier in the season I had the fear of heights and I had to conquer that on the zip line. Then the bridge climb, you couldn’t smack the smile off my face! You could see the opera house and the Olympic stadium from there. It was a magnificent view and to be there with people you care about. I looked at Roger and said “Do you realize right now we’re on top of the bottom of the world?” It was the greatest part of the whole trip.

Jay and Roger Biggest LoserRoger said after you had been eliminated that “everyone watched you grow out of your brother’s shadow.” How did that comment make you feel and is it accurate?
I was crying when he said it and I was crying last night. I do think it was accurate. One thing I’ve taken away from this whole thing, being on Biggest Loser doesn’t just work on the outside in losing weight. You also work on the inside. You find out why you get to that point in the first place- where you’re just overweight. I was a grumpy individual before I came here. I lacked self-confidence. Through this experience I’ve gained so much self-confidence.

Roger is accurate because I grew out of his shadow and became my own person. My wife has seen that in the weeks I’ve been home. I’m more confident. It’s going to make me a better father, husband friend with everyone I come in contact with.

Last night in Where Are They Now- you talked about your daughter, Lindsey, and the 10K run you’re doing for the Beckwith-Wiedemann Organization. When is that run and how is all of that going?
We haven’t worked out a date yet. My wife is working with the city of New Bedford to nail down a date, possibly June. We’re Looking forward to raising money and awareness for a syndrome that when our daughter was born we didn’t know anything about it. It effects 1 in 14,000 kids. They came to us after she born and I thought, ‘give her a pill and let’s get going.’ But it doesn’t work that way. My wife has taken the bull by the horns on that. She’s the vice president of the children’s organization. She’s helped so many families and getting awareness out.

jay biggest loserIs there a place where people can go to make a donation?
Beckwith-Wiedemann Children’s Foundation, that’s the web site. You can make donations there. Thank you so much!

I told Jay how I had a good cry last night watching his elimination. (It was my Cry of the Week). He said “I was trying to hold back the tears myself. I think I cried as much last night as when it really happened.” I told him my husband caught me crying and asked what was wrong, I responded tearfully that they let Jay go. “Blue team’s crying again! That’s what’s wrong!” was Jay’s response. “I read somewhere that someone said instead of ‘Pride on Three’ it’s ‘Cry on Three.’ I Love that!” Thank you, Jay!

Listen to the full interview with Jay below

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Biggest Loser: Episode 14

I really enjoyed the episode of Biggest Loser last night. Until the last 10 minutes. But we’ll get to that later.

Not only did the contestants get to go on a fabulous vacation, but the viewers also got to go along. Not just a vacation for our eyes with all of the beautiful scenery, but a break from the same-ole-same-ole. The final five were of course shocked when Allison informed them they’d be going to Australia for a week.

Why Australia? Apparently Biggest Loser has made its mark in about 90 countries. The Biggest Loser in Australia is wildly popular, and behind North America is the second heaviest continent. Trainers Bob and Jillian split their time between the U.S. Biggest Loser and the Aussies. That’s why the trainers were absent in the week 13 weigh in. It also sheds a little more light on why the contestants were sent home for a week in episode 8. Next week, the final four’s last week on campus, no trainers either. Rumor has it the Australians spent some time on the Arizona Biggest Loser ranch earlier in the season.

It was a trying week for the contestants with jet lag, strange gym schedules and not being able to prepare their own food. A trying week for alliances as well. It appears as though everyone has finally figured out Roger is favored to win unless they start treating him as such. Ali rallied Mark, Jay and Kelly to start working to remove Roger- but of course not let him catch on. He’s aware though. Maybe not of the alliance, but that the “brotherhood” is breaking up and there aren’t a lot of people left standing in his corner.

So much happened last night that I thought I’d just hit on a some of the high points.

– Kelly and the Oyster. I’m right there with you sister! I laughed so hard watching Jillian literally shove the slimy guy into Kelly’s throat. Kelly said even God couldn’t make her eat it and Jillian casually responded that she and God are related.

– The night on the town in Sydney looked spectacular. And speaking of spectacular- ALI! Wow, that girl is gorgeous. Good for her for just working it. Putting on an outfit that three months ago she would have longingly passed on the rack. Not last night. She owned it. In case you’re wondering, the restaurant they went to is OTTO and the club is Tank, inside the Establishment Hotel.

– Could see the “brotherhood” bond crack a little as they were about to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Mark apparently has a life-long fear of bridges (gephyrophobia) and refused to go to the top of the 440 foot structure where Allison was waiting. Roger said “to hell with him,” and Ali stood by saying no one was going up without Mark. What happened to Pride on Three, Roger?

– Last Chance Workout. Talk about complete opposites. Bob had the guys next to the water for an intense yoga session. Meanwhile, Jillian was playing drill sergeant and giving the girls a beat down. Anyone else laugh as hard as I did when she was sitting in the tire being dragged by Ali and Kelly yelling “MUSH!”

The challenge last night was pretty intense, the hardest they’ve ever had. A triathlon that I personally cannot imagine doing. Picture these contestants, three months ago- they wouldn’t have either. If nothing else, this was a true testament to the amazing progress they’ve made on Biggest Loser. Swimming 300 yards, running 1/4 mile, bicycle, then running to the Aurora Place building and running up the 44 flights of stairs to the top. Ali and Mark held the lead from the start with Mark eventually pulling ahead. I was so impressed how Mark waited for Ali at the top and then she literally carried him over the finish line.

As these two come to terms with the possibility of being top contenders for the finale that’s just two weeks away, they had to also say goodbye to Jay. Mark and Jay both gained a pound in Australia, during the most unimpressive weigh-in this season. This was quite possibly the most heart-wrenching elimination to date. I was not at all surprised to see Jay step up to be eliminated, but that doesn’t mean I liked it. Check back tomorrow for the Diets In Review interview with Jay.

Cry of the Week: The entire last 10 minutes of the show. Sobbing. So sad to see Jay leave.

Quote of the Week: “I’m going to cut a mean a** rug tonight!,” Mark as they were getting ready to go out in Sydney.

Next Week: It’s the last week on campus. There are no trainers. And an exciting twist that effects the finale.

Biggest Loser: Episode 13

Last night’s episode of Biggest Loser could be summed up in two words: Girl Power. At least that’s my interpretation. The other two-word set could be: One Pound. The episode was certainly less dramatic than most in the past few weeks, but definitely presented its own little nuggets of drama.

Biggest Loser KellyKelly is the last woman standing from Jillian’s black team. While it now includes Ali, she’s not removing that pink shirt any time soon. I have to say that I’m a little surprised that Kelly has hung this long. Self-doubt can trip anyone and she’s had plenty of it. More than anything for her, I hope that she leaves Biggest Loser a more confident person. She’s pushed herself beyond the limits of anything she ever dreamed for herself, and the results are showing.

Ali is a fierce competitor and one who should be taken seriously these next few weeks- if they weren’t already. During the weigh-in she had reached the 85 pounds lost mark. She’s now lost more weight at the ranch than any other woman in Biggest Loser history. Guess what- she’s not done. If there’s a female who can take the top spot at finale, I believe it’s Ali.

There was an impromptu pop quiz last night that had all the competitors shaking in their New Balances and spandex pants. They were taken into the elimination room with one of the fear-striking silver platters in the middle of the table. Alison said the last man standing in the quiz would win whatever was under the cover. That man was Dan. One of the funniest moments in the show was Alison removing the cover to reveal a slice of chocolate layer cake- a 600 calorie slice she informed. Dan’s face, expecting a trip, cash or gold coins, collapsed into a bewildered “Thank You?”.Biggest Loser Couples

Alison told Dan he could do anything he liked with the cake- but she recommended he take it to the challenge untouched. That cake was treated like a new born baby- it went to bed, to dinner, to the gym- all in an effort to keep anything from happening. Upon winning the quiz, he bragged that it made him the smartest person in the house. I had to doubt those smarts a bit when the cake went missing and a note forged by Roger indicating that Kelly had stolen it was actually believable. Dan- my friend, I saw right through that hoax. You really didn’t!?

At the challenge the six remaining competitors were taken to a basketball arena and had to fill each other’s tables with classic arena food- hot dogs, ice cream, cotton candy, pizza, pretzels. The person with the least calories on their table won $10,000. The guys ganged on the girls and filled their tables with a combined 30,000+ calories, not placing a single item on any man’s table. Of course not- PRIDE ON THREE! They set themselves up to win the money and Jay was offered the $10,000 cash…… or he could use it to buy a one pound pass. And he did.

Biggest Losers Mark and DanThe weigh in was incredible as those two girls took first and second place with impressive weigh ins. Mark and Dan were forced below the line. And Dan said his farewell to Biggest Loser. That kid worked his tail off and I really think did a lot of growing in his time there. I’m talking to Dan this afternoon- so if you have any pressing questions for him, throw them in the comments section before Noon CST today!! Look here tomorrow for the full interview with Dan.

If you want to dig even deeper into the Biggest Loser in between our updates, visit biggestloser.msn.com.

Next Week– the final 5 are headed to Australia.

Quote of the Week– “They’re repulsive to me right now,” from Jillian about the guys after their behavior in the challenge.

Cry of the Week– Dry eyes! Just really proud of Kelly and Ali this week.

DON’T FORGET- You can win Bernie’s autographed Berndana!

Biggest Loser Mark

Biggest Loser Mark

When the Biggest Loser Couples began its season, Mark Kruger was pinned as the campus bully. He was tough, competitive and took no guff from anyone, including his teammate brother or the show’s host. Orange team’s Jackie became an immediate adversary and it wasn’t until she was eliminated that we started to see that Mark could be a nice guy. His return to Biggest Loser campus in Week 11, following his own elimination, has introduced a completely different competitor, and one that fans are falling for.

Name Mark Kruger

Starting Weight 285 lb.

Week 12 Weight 185 lb.

Height 5’10”

Age 35

Hometown Dartmouth, MA

Occupation Aerial Devise Sales Rep

Biggest Loser Couples teammate Jay

Original Team Color Black

Trainer Bob

Biggest Loser Mark and Jay
Jay is more than Mark’s younger brother, he’s the best friend he has on campus. Mark would bend over backward to protect Jay and keep from leaving campus. With the return of Ali, she could very quickly become one of his number one allies.

Mark-isms Saying ‘Mark’ with a hard-r sound seems out of place. His thick Boston accent lends itself more to a “Mahhhk.” He’s head-over-heels in love with his wife and children and sees being on Biggest Loser as an opportunity to live a healthier life for them.

Our Favorite Moment(s)
– Reacting to host Alison’s dramatic challenge play-by-play, telling her “this isn’t a soap opera”
– His return to campus after elimination
– He’s five pounds away from matching Bob Harper’s weight

Other spellings: Marc, Marck, Biggest Loser Marc, Marc Biggest Loser, Biggest Loser Black Team

Biggest Loser Roger

Biggest Loser RogerRoger started at the Biggest Loser ranch pretty low under the radar. Quiet, unassuming and hard-working, everyone loved him because he seemed to be Mr. Nice Guy compared to Mark’s Mr. Bad Guy. That game is over. Roger has climbed through the ranks clearing competitors out of his way and positioning himself as one of the strongest contenders for the Biggest Loser title, and has the attitude to go with it He plays the part of former ‘Bama football player very well.

Name Roger Schultz

Starting Weight 363 lb.

Week 12 Weight 242 lb.

Height 6’3″

Age 40

Hometown Enterprise, AL

Occupation Radio personality, College athletic director

Biggest Loser Couples teammate Trent

Original Team Color Grey

Trainer Bob

Alliances Anyone with testosterone. He’s been the biggest rallying cry of the all-boy blue team. Biggest Loser Roger and Trent

Roger-isms “PRIDE ON THREE!” You’ll hear this boisterous chant a few times in every episode, psyching himself and his team for workouts, weigh-ins and probably even sleep. “Vegas, Baby!” was another one of Roger’s quotes that seemed to make an appearance every few minutes in episode 9.

Our Favorite Moment(s)
– The first man to reach the 100 pound milestone
– Making Mark live up to his word to leave campus if they went below the yellow line
– For an old football player, he makes a great cheerleader!
Other spellings: Rodger, Rogger, Rog, Biggest Loser Rodger, Rodger Biggest Loser, Biggest Loser Grey Team

Biggest Loser: Episode 12

A dozen episodes in. Three entire months these formerly obese individuals have been shedding the pounds at the Biggest Loser ranch. That’s given me 12 weeks to become completely attached to Bernie and Brittany. I’m not ashamed, I’ll tell you right now, the Cry of the Week/Bawl Hysterically of the Week was Brittany’s elimination. Brittany during Biggest Loser challenge I knew it was coming. As soon as Jay fell under that yellow line I knew she was gone. The way she and Jillian hugged and cried goodbye I think they knew, too. Was she really competition? She pulls such low numbers! If it were really all about game-play, and not “PRIDE ON THREE!”, she’d probably still be there.

We probably shouldn’t overlook the fact that the episode open with Maggie’s elimination. That felt like the fastest, tear-it-like-a-band-aid elimination this season. Suddenly, Maggie was gone. And now it’s time for makeovers, yay!

At least Brittany was there long enough to be a part of those hot makeovers with Tim Gunn last night. There’s something about breaking out of your comfort zone with clothes- big, small or in between. Brittany was rockin’ the cleavage and said she hoped the NBC censors wouldn’t mind. I found it very touching the way Ali cried at the possibility of wearing a dress without sleeves. She felt like she “could own that dress and haven’t felt that way in a long time.” Her haircut was adorable, too! Kelly also looked stunning after her makeover. I knew there was a pretty face hiding under that curly-ponytail-bound hair. So glad Tim talked her out of the funeral home dress!

As for the guys- they’re guys, what can you say? They wore pants, better fitting pants. Jay was pretty cute in his leather jacket. I can’t say I was a fan of Dan’s channeling the Goo Goo Dolls look- but he feels like it was working for him. Was definitely glad to see all that hair go though.

I also dropped a few tears with the surprise reunions on the runway. What a fun and unexpected twist for the contestants. When you look that hot, you certainly don’t want to waste it in an empty warehouse with the camera men and best boys!

This week’s challenge was crazy, so intense. The treadmills were suspended over the pool, at an incline and they had to walk backwards. One by one they fell into the water. After just short of an hour, Mark and Ali cashed it in. Mark one another vacation for outlasting the rest of the team.

We’re closing in on the finale. Five more episodes until the live finale April 15 (don’t forget that’s tax day!). I’m anxious to see a woman take this, and I think Ali has the stuff to make it happen. I would love to see Kelly standing up there crowned the Biggest Loser, but she’s got to stop getting in her own way and second guessing every move she makes. Let’s hear it for the girls! It’s interesting to think that if Ali hadn’t come back last week- Kelly would be the last remaining girl. Never would have guessed that.

I don’t even want to start thinking about who amongst the guys could win. Too many personalities, too much weight to still lose.

My Quote of the Week goes to Ali for “I have a collar bone!”, to her sister during the surprise runway reunion in her sexy new dress.