Biggest Loser Roger

Biggest Loser RogerRoger started at the Biggest Loser ranch pretty low under the radar. Quiet, unassuming and hard-working, everyone loved him because he seemed to be Mr. Nice Guy compared to Mark’s Mr. Bad Guy. That game is over. Roger has climbed through the ranks clearing competitors out of his way and positioning himself as one of the strongest contenders for the Biggest Loser title, and has the attitude to go with it He plays the part of former ‘Bama football player very well.

Name Roger Schultz

Starting Weight 363 lb.

Week 12 Weight 242 lb.

Height 6’3″

Age 40

Hometown Enterprise, AL

Occupation Radio personality, College athletic director

Biggest Loser Couples teammate Trent

Original Team Color Grey

Trainer Bob

Alliances Anyone with testosterone. He’s been the biggest rallying cry of the all-boy blue team. Biggest Loser Roger and Trent

Roger-isms “PRIDE ON THREE!” You’ll hear this boisterous chant a few times in every episode, psyching himself and his team for workouts, weigh-ins and probably even sleep. “Vegas, Baby!” was another one of Roger’s quotes that seemed to make an appearance every few minutes in episode 9.

Our Favorite Moment(s)
– The first man to reach the 100 pound milestone
– Making Mark live up to his word to leave campus if they went below the yellow line
– For an old football player, he makes a great cheerleader!
Other spellings: Rodger, Rogger, Rog, Biggest Loser Rodger, Rodger Biggest Loser, Biggest Loser Grey Team

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how do i vote for the biggest loser.

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