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Blake Lively Doesn’t Pay Attention to What She Eats

Rumor has it that the toned beauty Blake Lively doesn’t need to work out or eat right to maintain her Helenian figure; and we can confirm this gossip to be true. The 26-year-old actress was recently asked to reveal her diet and workout regimen to People Magazine.Blake Lively

The answer? “None! I don’t need to have a [trainer] or pay attention to what I eat.” Must be nice.

Don’t take her frank comments as snark or snobbery, she’s been making these claims for a while now. Over a year ago, Lively told The Daily Mail the same thing. Back then, her secret to staying in shape was “Being 25 years old! That and a good metabolism.”

Seemingly aware of the impending decrease in her metabolic function, Lively made no buts about her laissez faire relationship with diet and fitness.

“In a few years, I’ll need to have a new secret, as in an incredibly strict diet regime.” While anybody would love to have Lively’s body type with no maintenance required, it’s important to suspend complete envy. The lifestyle of an actress is such that staying in shape is a fringe benefit. Per People, “I’m always on the go. I’m lucky to have an active lifestyle.” The constant movement, traveling, and training for film shoots and other appearances is sure to burn a ton of calories. (more…)

Diet Tips from the Stars

Jennifer AnistonHow do celebrities stay looking so great all the time? Part of it is genetics, but part of it is just staying dedicated to healthy eating and regular workouts. Here are some great tips on losing weight from your favorite celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston

“I do some cardio for at least 20 minutes a day,” says Aniston. “Even that short burst  makes a difference.” She also says that white peaches are her favorite healthy snack.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo does an occasional cleanse. “I don’t recommend it all the time,” she says. “But if you do a balanced one…you can lose some poundage fast.”