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4 Effective Ways to Make Your Body Weight Workouts Harder

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Strength training is a progressive thing: as you progress and grow stronger, the intensity and resistance of your exercises will evolve to continue to challenge you and keep those results coming. There are very specific variables that effect how hard an exercise is that you can use to increase that intensity incrementally. You can’t always just add more weight, so here are four other ways to ramp up the results of your body weight workouts.

How to Strength Train Without Weights

Change the angle: The steeper the angle of your body toward your exercising muscles, the harder the exercise will be. Example: elevate your feet during push-ups to make them tougher, or place your hands on a stair to decrease the angle for an easier modification of a standard pushup.

Decrease the stability: Reducing your contact with the floor instantly works more muscles groups to keep you balanced. You can do this by lifting one foot or hand off the ground, or getting off the floor completely with an unstable surface like a bosu, a balance board, or a stability ball. (more…)

Bosu Powerstax Will Elevate Your Workout with its Clever and Innovative Design

The BOSU Balance Trainer is an incredibly effective piece of equipment to use in your workouts. The BOSU (which stands for “Both Sides Utilized”) can be used to target almost every major muscle group of the body for strength training, to get a cardio intensive workout, and as a tool for a killer core workout. Exercises performed using a BOSU focus on balance and can be performed on a stable (round side up) or unstable (flat side up) surface.

BOSU has recently launched a new product called Powerstax that will (literally) take your workout to the next level.

bosu powerstax

What is the Powerstax System?

BOSU Powerstax were created to be used in conjunction with a BOSU Balance Trainer. Powerstax are risers that can be stacked below the BOSU Trainer to add elevation and intensify your workout. The risers are four inches tall and can be purchased separately or as a set of three. The BOSU trainer itself is 10 inches tall, so adding all three risers will elevate your BOSU trainer to be 22 inches in height.

The Powerstax will securely hold the BOSU trainer with the flat side facing up or down, allowing for more diversity in your training. Placing the round side up results in higher total elevation of the combined unit. When the flat side is facing up, it creates a slightly more stable surface (as compared to round side up) and is great for advanced dynamic movement.

One other innovation with the Powerstax is its ability to be used for strength training. Each riser weighs 5 pounds and can be filled with up to 12 quarts of water (which will result in a total weight of 30 pounds). Each quart of water adds an additional four pounds to the five pound riser, making it easy to adjust to your needs. (more…)

5 Minute Ab Routine You Can Fit in Anywhere

The following five minute ab routine was designed to provide you with maximum results with minimum amount of time invested- perfect for the busy holiday season. The following exercise routine can be performed at home or at the gym, so there is no excuse not to fit it in to your day.

5 Minute Ab Routine

(Video examples of each exercise appear below)

  • Bicycle crunches (1 minute): Start with your legs straight out in front of you, off the ground, and hands behind your head. Begin by bringing one knee in toward your chest and take the opposite elbow to that knee. Repeat by alternating knees and elbows. Bicycle crunches target the entire core: abdominals, obliques, and lower back.


Top BOSU Exercises With Flat Side Up

The BOSU ball is a great tool to incorporate balance, stability, coordination, and core strength training into your work-out routines. Today the focus is on the flat side up, with added movements to enhance total body strength and endurance.

Check out the top 10 BOSU exercises with top side down.

Top BOSU Exercises with Flat Side Down

BOSU stands for “Both Sides Up,” and is used for several exercises to increase balance and stability. The BOSU ball can be used either side up and incorporated into any everyday fitness routine. Today, however, I will be covering a few exercises with the flat side down.

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Top 5 Isometric Core Exercises

bosu ballIsometric training (static strength training) consist of constant muscle contraction without joint movement. This type of exercise is good for general strength training and rehabilitation. Isometric training is also an excellent way to strengthen muscles without putting too much stress on the joints. This is a another great way to incorporate different exercises into your everyday routine.

Top 5 Isometric Core Exercises

1. Elbow Plank- Hold for 30 seconds to a minute: 2 sets

2. Bent Arm Side Bridge- Hold for 30 seconds to a minute on each side: 2 sets

3. V Sit- Hold for as long as you can: 2 sets

4. Straight Arm Plank- Hold as long as you can: 2 sets

5. Straight Arm Plank On Bosu Ball Hold as long as you can: 2 sets

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