Bosu Powerstax Will Elevate Your Workout with its Clever and Innovative Design

The BOSU Balance Trainer is an incredibly effective piece of equipment to use in your workouts. The BOSU (which stands for “Both Sides Utilized”) can be used to target almost every major muscle group of the body for strength training, to get a cardio intensive workout, and as a tool for a killer core workout. Exercises performed using a BOSU focus on balance and can be performed on a stable (round side up) or unstable (flat side up) surface.

BOSU has recently launched a new product called Powerstax that will (literally) take your workout to the next level.

bosu powerstax

What is the Powerstax System?

BOSU Powerstax were created to be used in conjunction with a BOSU Balance Trainer. Powerstax are risers that can be stacked below the BOSU Trainer to add elevation and intensify your workout. The risers are four inches tall and can be purchased separately or as a set of three. The BOSU trainer itself is 10 inches tall, so adding all three risers will elevate your BOSU trainer to be 22 inches in height.

The Powerstax will securely hold the BOSU trainer with the flat side facing up or down, allowing for more diversity in your training. Placing the round side up results in higher total elevation of the combined unit. When the flat side is facing up, it creates a slightly more stable surface (as compared to round side up) and is great for advanced dynamic movement.

One other innovation with the Powerstax is its ability to be used for strength training. Each riser weighs 5 pounds and can be filled with up to 12 quarts of water (which will result in a total weight of 30 pounds). Each quart of water adds an additional four pounds to the five pound riser, making it easy to adjust to your needs.

The Powerstax Pros

There are a multitude of exercises that can be performed using the BOSU Trainer and Powerstax. Having three risers provides more options for modifications and gives the user the option to change the height of the unit as needed. Just about any exercise that can be performed using a BOSU Balance Trainer can be done with the addition of the Powerstax (and the intensity and difficultly are increased).

The Powerstax themselves (without the BOSU Trainer) are a creative and effective tool for non-complicated core strengthening exercises. The pieces are easy to lift and move about, so you can do your workout in any room in your home. The set of risers comes with a DVD showing basic safety guidelines and “skills and drills” exercises.

The Powerstax Cons

Exercises performed using the BOSU Trainer and Powerstax are somewhat advanced. Most of the exercises rely on a good deal of balance and are not something that should be jumped right into. For this reason, users should be very cautious of possible injuries and should read the user guide and safety precautions very carefully.

The risers themselves are 27 inches wide. When combined with the BOSU Trainer, the unit can take up a significant area of space. The BOSU Trainer and Powerstax have a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

Should You Get One?

The BOSU Powerstax are a very clever and effective innovation in the world of exercise. The basic skills and drills that are shown on the DVD provide a challenging workout and also give a basic idea of how diverse these pieces of equipment can be. The BOSU Powerstax provide a great alternative to traditional exercise equipment and can help you break out of a fitness rut. Every exercise performed using the BOSU Trainer engages the core muscles, which will increase overall core strength and improve balance. The BOSU Trainer and Powerstax could very well be the only pieces of equipment you need for a home gym to get an efficient total body workout.


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Bosu shared a review sample of the product, but this post is not sponsored and we were under no obligation to give a review either positive or negative.

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