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Have a Romantic and Healthy Getaway

Cammy Chapel is a writer/solopreneur living in Memphis, TN. Her blog, The Tippy Toe Diet, chronicles her successful and wonderfully imperfect path to losing 100 pounds and how she maintains the loss over two years later. She has been featured in Woman’s Day and AOL’s That’s Fit.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the hectic and stressful requirements of daily living that the care and maintenance of our relationships with others, especially our significant others, takes a back seat. If you and your sweetheart are in need of some quality time together, it might be time to plan a restorative, romantic getaway. No kids, parents, friends, bosses, or other life distractions allowed!

Getting away from your daily routine doesn’t mean you have to abandon health and fitness. Not completely, anyway. Here are some tips for planning a romantic AND healthy getaway: