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Cammy Chapel is a writer/solopreneur living in Memphis, TN. Her blog, The Tippy Toe Diet, chronicles her successful and wonderfully imperfect path to losing 100 pounds and how she maintains the loss over two years later. She has been featured in Woman’s Day and AOL’s That’s Fit.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the hectic and stressful requirements of daily living that the care and maintenance of our relationships with others, especially our significant others, takes a back seat. If you and your sweetheart are in need of some quality time together, it might be time to plan a restorative, romantic getaway. No kids, parents, friends, bosses, or other life distractions allowed!

Getting away from your daily routine doesn’t mean you have to abandon health and fitness. Not completely, anyway. Here are some tips for planning a romantic AND healthy getaway:

Select a destination with activities you can do together and that you both enjoy. Unless you both like playing golf or spending a day shopping, save those activities for another vacation. This getaway is about spending time together.

Choose a location that offers outdoor activities. Whether your healthy getaway is to the beach or the mountains, a large city or a small country inn, fresh air and exercise are invigorating and stress-reducing. Wherever you go, don’t forget the sunscreen! A nasty sunburn could have a seriously negative impact on your more intimate indoor activities, if you know what I mean.

Research restaurants before you go. In addition to checking for a romantic ambiance, you can take a peek at the menu to ensure the offerings are to your liking.

Unplug. Use the cell phone for emergency calls only. Leave the computer at home. You can update Twitter and Facebook when you’re home again.

If you’re short on budget or time, consider making your getaway local. Check into a local hotel, perhaps one with a spa for some pampering.

If there simply is no budget for a getaway of any sort, try an opposite approach. Send everyone else in the house away, turn off the phones, break out the candles and massage oil, and enjoy a quiet weekend at home.

Above all, it’s important to take time to celebrate each other and your relationship, to relax, to play, to reconnect, to enjoy each other’s company without the constant stresses of daily life.


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