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FitBloggin’ Ticket Giveaway

UPDATE: On 2/1/10 we drew and notified the two winners. Congrats to “Karla” and “Amie,” and thanks to everyone who participated.

Hey all you fitness and health bloggers! We’re going to FitBloggin’ 10, are you? fitbloggin tickets

We really want you to be there with us, so we’re offering up free conference tickets to two bloggers. Two people will each receive one conference ticket, you just have to tell us how badly you want it! Respond in the comments below and let us know why you need/want/have to go to FitBloggin’, and why one of these tickets, valued at $99.95, should belong to you.

It’s that simple!

Two individuals will be drawn at random on February 1, 2024 and notified at that time. (more…)

Announcing New Mom to Mom Newsletter

healthy momWe’re excited to announce that we’re introducing the Mom to Mom Newsletter this fall. Written by a mom for moms, the newsletter will focus on the four things a mom needs to live a healthy and balanced life: Food, Fitness, Family and Fun. Our Chief Mom, Carmen Staicer, will offer insights in these areas for balancing healthful living with real life; not only for yourself, but for your entire family.

As the mother of six children, and a weight loss success story herself, Carmen is all too familiar with managing a household, her health, and the needs of the other busy bodies in her home. She’s a real mom who gets it, who has figured out how to make it all work, and will help you find your way there, too.

Sign-up now, and then learn more about the Mom to Mom Newsletter.

Subscribe to the Mom to Mom Newsletter

Each month you can expect to see family-friendly recipes, ways to get fit together, and learn about activities that bring the family closer together. Proving good health depends on more than just what you’re eating, it’s about the happiness and well-being of the whole family.

Look for your first Mom to Mom Newsletter before Thanksgiving, as Carmen helps you prepare to celebrate and offer thanks in a more healthful way.

BlogHer Fitness Prize Pack Giveaways

carmen staicer at blogher

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended.

Congrats to @NicoleGSimonds, winner of the pilates prize pack, and @lauriewrites, winner of the resistance cables.

It’s time for BlogHer! This annual conference brings together women from every corner of the blogosphere to talk about how to do it better, how to reach their audiences and connect with fellow female bloggers.

Our Chief Mom Carmen Staicer is attending BlogHer and we want you to get to know her! You’ll have your chance Thursday morning at the BlogHer 5k Fun Run event (where participants will receive a DietsInReview.com grocery tote!). She’s also going to be there all week, and if you meet Carmen, then you’re eligible to win one of two fitness prize packs!

All you have to do is Tweet this message: @dietsinreview I met chief mom Carmen Staicer at #BlogHer09 and want to win one of two fitness prize packs! http://bit.ly/GOYhl (more…)

Getting Started with Weight Loss

carmen staicer weight lossHow in the world does one decide to begin, to draw themselves out of the comfort of the Cheetos and the Dairy Queen, to make the move towards fitness and smaller pants, when it’s clearly SO MUCH WORK? I get this question all the time from people who want to lose weight. And I can’t answer it.

What motivated me to lose weight is different from what will motivate you, or your neighbor or your worst enemy. It’s personal for each of us. I can tell you three things that got my flabby behind in gear, though.

1. My daughter came home from school, upset with a friend, who she’d been arguing with – the closing statement from her friend? “Well, at least I don’t have a fat mom like you do!” My daughter was puzzled – “Why would she say that, Mommy? You aren’t fat!”  Yes, I was, and hearing the truth from a little kids HURTS. (more…)

Carmen Staicer Discusses Weight Loss and Blogging on Fox 43

DietsInReview.com’s Chief Mom, Carmen Staicer, was up bright and early this morning. She made an appearance on Virginia Beach’s Fox 43 at 7, where she discussed blogging and her personal weight loss story.


Carmen Staicer Joins DietsInReview.com as Chief Mom

carmen-staicerWe are pleased to announce the addition of Carmen Staicer to our staff. Carmen will be fulfilling a new position as Chief Mom, contributing insight, news and tips for helping you maintain your own health, and that of your family.

You may already know Carmen as the “Mom to the Screaming Masses,” a personal blog where she chronicles life with her six children, as well as her tremendous weight loss success story. After hearing an unkind comment from her child’s classmate, Carmen made a New Year’s resolution to “once and for all lose weight and get into better shape.” Her journey took 18 months, and she lost 80 pounds by introducing a small diet and lifestyle change each week. Today, Carmen, a Virgina Beach native, is a fit and healthy inspiration for other women and moms, as she continues to maintain her healthy lifestyle through martial arts and running.

Carmen has not only walked the walk, but she talks the talk in a friendly, approachable and realistic manner that moms and women can relate to. (more…)