Carmen Staicer Joins as Chief Mom

carmen-staicerWe are pleased to announce the addition of Carmen Staicer to our staff. Carmen will be fulfilling a new position as Chief Mom, contributing insight, news and tips for helping you maintain your own health, and that of your family.

You may already know Carmen as the “Mom to the Screaming Masses,” a personal blog where she chronicles life with her six children, as well as her tremendous weight loss success story. After hearing an unkind comment from her child’s classmate, Carmen made a New Year’s resolution to “once and for all lose weight and get into better shape.” Her journey took 18 months, and she lost 80 pounds by introducing a small diet and lifestyle change each week. Today, Carmen, a Virgina Beach native, is a fit and healthy inspiration for other women and moms, as she continues to maintain her healthy lifestyle through martial arts and running.

Carmen has not only walked the walk, but she talks the talk in a friendly, approachable and realistic manner that moms and women can relate to.

You’ll find Carmen Staicer publishing each week in the Diet Column, sharing insight for other busy women to take time for themselves to regain their health and stop the diet roller coaster, as well as tips and tricks to ensure they are also able to help their families stay active and healthy.

Welcome, Carmen!

14 Responses to Carmen Staicer Joins DietsInReview

I read some of Carmen’s material at her blog, MTSM. This will be good!


Jim Crews says:

Welcome aboard!

Carmen says:

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m looking forward to being an active part of this wonderful community!

Headless Mom says:

You are very lucky to have Carmen! She will be an excellent addition to your team.

Kalisa says:

YAY! Been reading Carmen for years. You couldn’t have picked a better gal.

KG says:

I always read weight loss/dieting articles with a healthy dose of skepticism. Having Carmen on board here really lends a voice of reason, tried & true. I’m really looking forward to reading her here, what a great website!
I’m getting ready to have child number four in a few months so I will DEFINITELY be an avid reader of anything & everything that will help me on the road to losing this baby weight. This looks like the place to do it.

Elaine says:

WOW! Carmen will be such a great addition to the site. Congrats to Carmen!

Jamie says:

Congrats to Carmen! She will be a great addition to your site as Chief Mom.

Frances says:

Congrats Carmen! You are lucky to have her. Great person with many great ideas

Brandi says:

Thanks for Carmen’s warm welcome, and reminding us how lucky we are to have her! We have no doubt that she’ll continually prove it to all of us!

Sarah says:

Carmen’s one of my favorite bloggers, and I’ll be coming to your site specifically to read her. Great choice!

shannon says:

Yippee! I adore her blogs and am looking forward to this one.

Carmen says:

Thanks, you guys! I’m blushing!

What a fabulous addition to your site. I love reading her blogs and look forward to her columns here. She has so much insight to share. Her posts are always down to earth, informative and funny!

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