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Health Buzz June 29: Courtney’s Summer Challenge, Maximize Weight Loss in a Day, Fourth of July Recipes

Fourth of July is right around the corner and we are all looking forward to having that one day off. But, before you sprint for the weekend, get a healthy dose of news from DIR and our friends. Plus, we have recipes to help you celebrate Fourth of July!

News from DietsInReview.com this week

Courtney’s Summer Challenge Kicks Off 10 Weeks of Fitness and Fun

Our Biggest Loser correspondent Courtney Crozier wants people to challenge themselves mentally and physically. The 10 week challenge will make participants think differently about food, fitness, and themselves. Plus, there are prize giveaways from Truvia® natural sweetener!

Win 2 Free Entries to The Color Run

Enter to win two free entries to The Color Run in a city of your choice*! DIR will choose a winner on July 6, 2022. Hurry and enter to win tickets to experience The Color Run!

Diet Pill Belviq Approved; First New Weight Loss Drug in 13 Years

The FDA approved new weight loss drug Lorcaserin. But is this going to help overweight Americans lose weight and get healthy? (more…)

Win 2 Free Entries to The Color Run

We liked The Color Run in Tulsa so much that we had to make sure more people got to participate in this exciting event!

We’re going to give two people each two free entries to The Color Run of their choice*!

To win, you’ve got to like us and you’ve got to be creative. Sounds simple enough, right?

1. Like the DietsInReview.com Facebook page. (If you already do then you’re half-way there.)

2. Take a picture of yourself dressed for The Color Run starting line. Remember, they want you dressed in white and to show your personality with a lot of colorful flare.

3. Post that photo to the DietsInReview.com Facebook wall. (more…)

The Color Run Painted Tulsa Rainbow: Our Diets In Review Team Recap

What a day! Instead of just writing about an exciting new running event, we put ourselves right in the middle of it. The crew from DietsInReview.com participated in the increasingly popular Color Run over the weekend in Tulsa, OK. This event was unlike any other running event, or any other event, period.

I’ve been in huge crowds at running events before, but not like this. It’s reported that the sold-out Color Run in Tulsa had 10,000 participants! “Team DietsInReview.com” consisted of myself (Lacy Hansen), Brandi Koskie, Dana Shultz, and even my 8-year-old-son Judah. Among the sea of white shirts were our faithful husbands sporting grey DietsInReview.com shirts and pumping up the crowd by passing out our signature cowbells. (more…)

The Color Run is the Happiest 5K on the Planet

One of the most popular excuses given for not exercising is that “it’s boring.” While that statement has been debatable all along, it’s being eradicated recently. With adventure events popping up all across the globe, “boring” and “exercise” will never be in the same sentence again. The Color Run is a prime example of how people are adding a little color to their exercise routine, literally.

The Color Run is a booming event that is truly like no other. The event is simply stated in its name, a run with color. The run is on a three mile course designed for all abilities, shapes, and sizes, making it perfect for someone’s first 5K race. Participants are only instructed to do a few things: Line up at the start with a white shirt and plan to be doused in color by the finish.

The Color Run puts little emphasis on completing the course fast (the race is not timed) and a high priority in being the most saturated with color at the end. The race is sectioned off into color zones every kilometer. At each station runners and walkers are hit with a natural and safe color dust (they say it’s edible but very high in calories). The 1k color zone is yellow, the 2k is blue, 3k is green, 4k is pink, and the 5k finish is a “color extravaganza.” (more…)