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Colleen Fields Lost 124 Pounds by Food Journaling and Taking Control of Her Life

When most people start a diet, they focus on the numbers that appear on the scale, but Colleen Fields had a different sort of goal in mind, her dress size. In January 2023, Colleen weighed 304 pounds and wore a size 26 W. Her goal was to shed enough weight so that she could wear a size 12 by her 40th birthday. She knew she had just under two years to make it happen.

colleen fields before after

As a child, Colleen remembers being “chubby,” but says her real struggle with weight didn’t occur until after she had her second child. She gained 75 pounds with her son and never shed the extra weight. Then, a divorce and the demands of being a single parent caused her to gain even more.

Colleen explains, “I had a terrible marriage that left me with significant self-esteem issues. I left him shortly after my son was born and I poured myself into my kids (I also have a daughter, same father, who is three years older). I went back to school, I worked full-time, and I shuttled them to all of the normal kid activities – Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, dance, swimming, etc. I wanted to give them as much of a normal childhood as possible despite the fact that their father was not involved in their lives, and in the process I ignored myself. I would leave work, pick them up from day care, take them to their activities, grab fast food, get home and do homework, then put them to bed and I would do my own homework. There was no time for me and I didn’t make me a priority.”


Jimmy Fallon to Take on Couch to 5K

Most people get up and run first thing in the morning. Comedian Jimmy Fallon tweeted about it. The first tweet from his @JimmyFallon account this morning was asking his more than 5.3 million followers which app he could use to start running a 5K.

“Any good ‘learn to run a 5k’ apps out there that you guys like? Theres a bunch, but which one is good?”

It sounds like the late night talk show host wants get up from behind the desk and move a bit more. Maybe the visit from President Obama, aka the Preezy of the United Steezy, inspired him to go after the PALA, the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. He has already worked out with Michelle Obama. Or maybe he’s setting us up for an awesome bit on the show. We tweeted out a request to find out what his motivation is, but haven’t yet heard back.

App suggestions of course poured in, as did one message to skip the app altogether. @FatTonysMacbook suggested, “You could always just…run,” to which Fallon replied, “nah… too easy.”

Nothing worth having ever came easy, Jimmy! (more…)

7 Best Running Apps

I  grew up as the daughter of a runner. I’ve been familiar with the sport since I was tiny. However, I never expected satellites and cell phones to become common tools of the trade. My dad had to make sure his wrist watch was fastened and his running shoes were laced before he left for a run. I have to make sure I’ve acquired a satellite signal before I can leave the driveway.

So, I guess it’s safe to say that times have changed. I think they’ve changed for the better though.

With the introduction of smart phones and phone applications, today’s runner can be much more informed. We can literally see our progress, be able to confidently and wisely go for our first run, learn to run faster, and receive coaching all from our little handheld device. There are a plethora of running and fitness applications available. These are just some of the favorites among users.