Jimmy Fallon to Take on Couch to 5K

Most people get up and run first thing in the morning. Comedian Jimmy Fallon tweeted about it. The first tweet from his @JimmyFallon account this morning was asking his more than 5.3 million followers which app he could use to start running a 5K.

“Any good ‘learn to run a 5k’ apps out there that you guys like? Theres a bunch, but which one is good?”

It sounds like the late night talk show host wants get up from behind the desk and move a bit more. Maybe the visit from President Obama, aka the Preezy of the United Steezy, inspired him to go after the PALA, the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. He has already worked out with Michelle Obama. Or maybe he’s setting us up for an awesome bit on the show. We tweeted out a request to find out what his motivation is, but haven’t yet heard back.

App suggestions of course poured in, as did one message to skip the app altogether. @FatTonysMacbook suggested, “You could always just…run,” to which Fallon replied, “nah… too easy.”

Nothing worth having ever came easy, Jimmy!

The crowd sourced answer was our recommendation, too. Jimmy tweeted his decision. “Couch to 5k it is!!! Thanks everyone. I’ll let you know when I start using it. (also when I quit halfway through using it)”

Come on, Jimmy, you can do this. A 5K is cake. Especially for a New Yorker who’s already got those strong pedestrian legs under him. Just pick up the pace a bit… and stay hydrated.

He’s got MORE than enough time to join The Color Run on August 25 in New York City. That race would be perfect for him. Registration hasn’t opened yet so he needs to stay on top of that.

Our advice to Jimmy is to pace himself, especially if he is this new to running. We look forward to seeing his progress and do not want to hear anything about quitting. Quitters never win, buddy.

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