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5 Ways for Couples to Get Outside and be Active this Spring

Warmer spring weather is here and if you’re like me, you’re itching to get outside and shed your winter skin.

If it was a long winter for you and you’re seeking some new ways to exercise outside, why not do so with your significant other? It’s long been known that there are some serious benefits to getting healthy with your partner, including a better sexual relationship, and being able to support each other’s individual fitness and diet goals. Not to mention, couples that are active together have been shown to be 90% more likely to stick to a routine than if they were going it alone.

So with these motivators in mind, talk to your partner about how you can get active and healthy together this spring, and beyond. Because if one person is on board, the other is far more likely to be on board, too.

DietsInReview.com’s yoga expert, Jill Lawson, offers up her five fun and easy ways to get outside and get moving with your significant other. We especially love the idea of gardening and window washing together – so simple yet productive. (more…)

Ashley Koff on Lifetime’s Love Handles: Couples in Crisis

Dietician for Love Handles: Couples in Crisis A new reality weight-loss series will be airing on Tuesday, May 31 called Love Handles: Couples in Crisis. The show takes a break from the contest-based format, like Shedding for the Wedding and The Biggest Loser, to take a deeper emotional look at the psychology of weight loss. The show follows 16 couples from different parts of the U.S., not only as they lose weight but also as their relationships change and evolve.

DietsInReview caught up with Ashley Koff RD, the dietitian for the new show, to talk about her experience on the show and the unique pros and cons of working with couples. The celebrity dietician recently worked on Shedding for the Wedding, making her no stranger to helping couples lose weight or to reality TV.

“What was really unique is twofold: it’s not a contest and we’re not taking people out of their regular lives,” said Koff. “So, they still have everything that’s going on in their world, on top of which they’re now shooting a show in their daily life.” Each episode will be an in-depth look at two couples.


Yoga for Couples

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, yoga is a healthy and fun way to celebrate the holiday. In fact, many yoga studios all across the country host yoga for couples classes during the month of February. Yoga for couples attracts not just romantic couples, but friends who share a love of yoga or pals who just want something different to do on the Hallmark holiday.

So exactly what is a yoga for couples class? (more…)