5 Ways for Couples to Get Outside and be Active this Spring

Warmer spring weather is here and if you’re like me, you’re itching to get outside and shed your winter skin.

If it was a long winter for you and you’re seeking some new ways to exercise outside, why not do so with your significant other? It’s long been known that there are some serious benefits to getting healthy with your partner, including a better sexual relationship, and being able to support each other’s individual fitness and diet goals. Not to mention, couples that are active together have been shown to be 90% more likely to stick to a routine than if they were going it alone.

So with these motivators in mind, talk to your partner about how you can get active and healthy together this spring, and beyond. Because if one person is on board, the other is far more likely to be on board, too.

DietsInReview.com’s yoga expert, Jill Lawson, offers up her five fun and easy ways to get outside and get moving with your significant other. We especially love the idea of gardening and window washing together – so simple yet productive.

1. Gardening. Build an organic garden bed in the yard. Hauling mulch, compost, dirt and rocks is not only a great workout for your entire body, but also a fun activity that will reward you and your partner greatly come harvest time.

2. Rock Climbing. Rock climbing is perfect for partners because it not only requires two people to take part in this mentally and physically challenging activity, but it also helps release fear and foster trust and communication.

3. Frisbee. Tossing the frisbee around can turn any ordinary day trip to the lake, park or beach into a fun-filled calorie burning endeavor. Running, lunging and jumping after the flying plastic toy will get you and your partner’s heart rate up in a hurry.

4. Tennis. You don’t have to be Anna Kournikova to enjoy chasing a little yellow ball around a tennis court. Picking up a game of singles on a Sunday afternoon can be a refreshing change to your workout routine. Plus you and your partner can talk about the week ahead in between serves and lobs.

5. Window Washing. Springtime means spring cleaning, and that includes windows. Climbing up and down ladders while waiving your arms against a plate of glass is no easy task. Get together with your partner and rinse away some dirt and grime. You’ll feel satisfied and energized – plus you’ll both end up seeing a bit more clearly.

What awesome and inexpensive ways to get active with your partner this spring. My husband and I already love playing tennis together, so this is a good reminder to dig out our rackets and locate our nearest outdoor tennis court. But whatever activity you decide on, just stick to it and keep it fun. And know that it will not only benefit your health individually, but also as a couple.

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