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Create Your Own Holiday Traditions

By Cynthia Crowsen from It All Changes

Growing up, Thanksgiving traditions were food, food, and more food. My grandmother’s formal dining table held everything you could imagine; olives in many flavors, several types of stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, home made gravy and the turkey.

We were stuffed like the turkey after seconds and even thirds. After a few hours to let the food digest we had dessert of several homemade pies and cultural favorites.

Food and family are fantastic but there was nothing healthy about it. The one meal could last a week and tryptophan comas prevented any exercise from happening. It was tradition but not one I was looking to keep.

I met my Hunni soon after I lost almost 100 pounds. The traditional family Thanksgiving didn’t appeal to me…I wanted some changes. Our first year dating we decided to make our own traditions full of health and good food.


Maintaining Weight Loss Through Life’s Struggles

Cynthia Crowsen writes at It All Changes about living life on the roller coaster of life. She has lost over 100 pounds in a variety of ways but more importantly found her love for life. She hates changes but they keep coming so she’s jumped on to enjoy the ride.

It took me 3 years to lose 115 pounds and reach a happy weight where I felt comfortable. Then life happened. I had back surgery along with several other injuries, stomach and major allergy issues and some depression when my beloved Grandmother died. Life threw me a curve ball and suddenly maintaining this weight loss didn’t seem possible.

I won’t say I maintained my entire 100+ pound weight loss over the last 5 years but I maintained most. More importantly, I maintained the healthy habits I’d gained while losing the weight. The habits prevented gaining back all the weight I’d lost and a few extra pounds.

I used these 5 tips to minimize my weight gain while maximizing my health through difficult times. Now I’m using them to get back to my happy weight.