Maintaining Weight Loss Through Life’s Struggles

Cynthia Crowsen writes at It All Changes about living life on the roller coaster of life. She has lost over 100 pounds in a variety of ways but more importantly found her love for life. She hates changes but they keep coming so she’s jumped on to enjoy the ride.

It took me 3 years to lose 115 pounds and reach a happy weight where I felt comfortable. Then life happened. I had back surgery along with several other injuries, stomach and major allergy issues and some depression when my beloved Grandmother died. Life threw me a curve ball and suddenly maintaining this weight loss didn’t seem possible.

I won’t say I maintained my entire 100+ pound weight loss over the last 5 years but I maintained most. More importantly, I maintained the healthy habits I’d gained while losing the weight. The habits prevented gaining back all the weight I’d lost and a few extra pounds.

I used these 5 tips to minimize my weight gain while maximizing my health through difficult times. Now I’m using them to get back to my happy weight.

1. Food is not a hug. I look for comfort when sick or depressed. Extra cookies, ice cream or a burrito the size of my head doesn’t give out hugs…it gives extra weight. Using activity as comfort or asking for a real hug work better. They are much more comforting.

2. Fitness doesn’t stop for injuries. I’ve done everything from spraining my ankle to having major back surgery. This wasn’t a license to spend six weeks on the couch (unless prescribed by the doctor). Instead it’s an opportunity to modify. Ankle sprains taught me planks and push-ups on my knees and I found my love of the pool aqua jogging with back and hip injuries. Even if you’re couch/bed bound, find YouTube videos for stretching or other activities.

3. Find the funny. Injuries, sickness and depression leave you in a fog. Dance parties in the living room to high school music or people watching while walking the mall instead of sleeping the day away move you towards health instead of away.

4. Get cooking. Sounds counter-intuitive. For me health problems (specifically digestive issues) send me to the kitchen with an imagination or cookbook. Amazing meals and snacks loading in flavor instead of calories feel like a treat instead of restriction.

5. Rethink fitness. Some injuries or health concerns may prevent your favorite activity, perhaps forever. Use this time as a chance to try a new class at the gym, some fun outdoor activity or play at the playground. Those monkey bars are a great arm workout.

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