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Celebrity Dudes Who Downward Dog (and Why More Men Should)

There is an allusive stereotype surrounding yoga. To most, yoga is thought of as constantly stretching and stereotyped as a flimsy workout out. Yoga is popular among women, but men are hesitant to take a yoga class.

Jill Lawson, DietsInReview.com’s yoga expert, offers her take on why men avoid yoga. “One of the biggest reasons is the belief that they are not flexible enough to do yoga. I have heard men tell me they would try it, but they can’t touch their toes.”

Yoga is more than being able to reach your toes. Practicing yoga can benefit individuals in ways they would never imagine. At yoga classes you tend to see more women than men, but yogi men aren’t kidding around when it comes to their own practice. All yoga studios encourage men to give it a try. If the benefits aren’t selling men, maybe seeing male celebrities deeply committed will.

Adam Levine

When he isn’t hitting high notes with Maroon 5 or judging fresh-faced artists on The Voice, Adam Levine practices yoga routinely. In the beginning of his career the singer didn’t practice yoga because of the stereotypes surrounding yoga. After years of pain from weights at the gym, Adam took a yoga class. He noticed the difference with his body and hasn’t stepped foot in a gym since. His godly physique is quite impressive. We say, keep on practicing, Adam, because from the looks of it yoga is doing your body well! (more…)

Power Bracelet Makers Admit to Having No Scientific Evidence

power braceletClaims that Power Balance bracelets can enhance athletic performance by using a hologram to realign the body’s energy field are not supported by any science admits its makers. Power Balance made the statements as part of an agreement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, reports Yahoo Sports.

The bracelets were first released in 2023, and have been sported by many celebrities including Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, David Beckham and Robert De Niro. Even Kate Middleton, the soon-to-be-bride of Price Harry ahs been spotted wearing one. However, the Power Balance bracelets may still have some kind of placebo or charm effect, because positive thinking can improve athletic performance.


David Beckham’s New Line of Healthy Kids’ Food

Soccer star. Underwear model. Now chef? Yep, that’s right. David Beckham has just launched his own line of healthy and nutritious food, targeting children, in collaboration with food manufacturer GO3.

His line of yummy and kid-friendly eats include things like fish sticks, wraps, pasta dishes and omelets. But rather than being laden with trans-fats, nutrient-void grains and artificial additives like most kids’ fare, these frozen entrees have nutritious ingredients like real vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, and whole grains stealthily packed into each bite. (more…)