David Beckham’s New Line of Healthy Kids’ Food

Soccer star. Underwear model. Now chef? Yep, that’s right. David Beckham has just launched his own line of healthy and nutritious food, targeting children, in collaboration with food manufacturer GO3.

His line of yummy and kid-friendly eats include things like fish sticks, wraps, pasta dishes and omelets. But rather than being laden with trans-fats, nutrient-void grains and artificial additives like most kids’ fare, these frozen entrees have nutritious ingredients like real vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, and whole grains stealthily packed into each bite.

Beckham’s impetus comes from his own role as a father. He knows firsthand how difficult and frustrating it can be for parents to try and get their kids to eat healthy. Even though he and wife Posh stock their kitchen with very healthy eats for three growing sons, Beckham understands how pressing the obesity crisis has become for young kids all over the world and he wants to do something about it.

Unfortunately, Beckham’s GO3 line is only available in the U.K. at the moment, but rumor has it that we here in the U.S. can soon pick it up in the freezer section of our grocery stores in the coming months. Stay tuned to DietsInReview.com and we’ll keep you posted.

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