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Dad Starts Healthy Lifestyle with Help of EA Sports Active

donny claxtonDonny Claxton joins us as a contributor for Men’s Health Week. Donny is a public relations executive who has embarked on a new adventure for the benefit of himself, his wife, and their seven children. He recently completed the EA SPORTS Active 30-day challenge and continues to use it along with other healthy habits to regain his health. Donny regularly blogs at DadsCenter.org.

On April 3, 2023, I began a journey to change my life.  In California to meet with EA SPORTS officials about the then soon-to-be released EA SPORTS Active, I made a commitment to my wife, Kari, and our kids, and the world, that I was going to change my lifestyle.

At the time, I weighed a staggering 369.78 lbs.  That was too much.  Way too much.

It’s now June 19, 2023, and I weighed in this morning at 340.65 pounds.  I’m almost down 30 pounds in two and a half months and I’m still dropping.  I’ve done one EA SPORTS Active 30-day challenge and I’m now doing a second. (more…)

Couple Gets Fit with EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge

Donny and Kari Claxton at Yosemite.

We recently announced a new fitness game for the Wii, EA SPORTS Active, releasing in May. As part of that product launch, EA has partnered with Bob Greene, Alison Sweeney and a few other gamers and bloggers, including Donny and Kari Claxton. They will join a 30-day challenge, beginning with a retreat with the aforementioned celebs in California, and then have 30 days to use the EA SPORTS Active and journal their experience. We invited Donny and Kari to share their thoughts prior to starting the challenge, and they’ll join us again at the completion. Good luck Donny and Kari!

Kari, a Dallas-area homemaker, and Donny Claxton, a public relations executive, are joining a new adventure together for the benefit of themselves and their seven children by beginning the 30-day challenge using the soon-to-be-released EA SPORTS Active—an interactive and customized home fitness product for the Nintendo Wii that gives one the benefit of a “personal trainer in a box.”

Donny often tells Kari she’s in very good shape.  She’s been using a version of the Atkins diet for the past year or so.  Donny, who has struggled with weight issues since college, admits he has bad eating habits, including a breakfast, with a large sweetened iced tea and a biscuit.  Kari, on the other hand, has Kashi cereal for breakfast, eats very little bread and as few carbs as possible. (more…)