Dad Starts Healthy Lifestyle with Help of EA Sports Active

donny claxtonDonny Claxton joins us as a contributor for Men’s Health Week. Donny is a public relations executive who has embarked on a new adventure for the benefit of himself, his wife, and their seven children. He recently completed the EA SPORTS Active 30-day challenge and continues to use it along with other healthy habits to regain his health. Donny regularly blogs at

On April 3, 2023, I began a journey to change my life.  In California to meet with EA SPORTS officials about the then soon-to-be released EA SPORTS Active, I made a commitment to my wife, Kari, and our kids, and the world, that I was going to change my lifestyle.

At the time, I weighed a staggering 369.78 lbs.  That was too much.  Way too much.

It’s now June 19, 2023, and I weighed in this morning at 340.65 pounds.  I’m almost down 30 pounds in two and a half months and I’m still dropping.  I’ve done one EA SPORTS Active 30-day challenge and I’m now doing a second.

I’ve sworn off my daily equivalent of two IVs of straight Southern-style sweet tea.  At home we’ve done away with fried foods.  I’ve had one order of French fries since the beginning of April.  We’ve done away with white bread at home.  I only eat whole wheat bread anymore.  I don’t drink alcohol so that was easy to “give up.”  I haven’t had a Coke or carbonated beverage since April of 2001.

This second go around with the EA SPORTS Active 30-day challenge, I’ve complimented my working out with other physical activities.  Nearly every night now, I’m swimming laps for at least 30 minutes.  It’s catching on, too, because my youngest twin daughter, Haley, (by 7 minutes) is also swimming with me. Dads, what we do, the kids will often copy!

I’m drinking tons of water now.  I keep a bottle or two of it on my desk at work.  At home, I drink it with a touch of lemon or lime juice just to give it a variety of taste.

And my dog, Molly, now knows the workout routine as well.  She knows that when I finish an EA SPORTS Active workout, she and I are going for a walk around the neighborhood.  When I do my workouts, she’ll come sit close to where I’m doing lunges, running in place, shoulder presses and all, and waits.  As soon as I go to close out the virtual fitness product, and that backwards sounding music starts to play, she stands up and moves to the front door where we keep the leashes. donny and kari claxton

This morning when I got dressed, I changed belts.  The one I’ve been wearing most for the past year was about four inches too loose for my waist.  My jeans are super baggy now and it’s time to pull out the old jeans or treat myself to some new ones.  I have an EA SPORTS Active shirt on today.  I’m wearing it un-tucked.  I used to not wear it that way because my stomach, 30 pounds ago, stuck our so far it looked like I was pregnant. Now it mostly hangs straight down.

My gift to my family this Father’s Day is going to be a healthier me.  Already this summer we’ve taken our kids to Yosemite.  I hiked more with them than I ever have.  I climbed more with them than I ever have.  And I was less tired than I ever have been with them there.  And it’s all because of what I began with EA SPORTS Active and the determination that all was not lost.  I could begin a fitness program at 43 and lose weight, and lose lots of it.
I’m still on my journey.  I’m now 10 pounds too heavy to use the Wii Fit, but that beats beginning 40 pounds too heavy.  I’m so looking forward to getting to that point and adding a new variety into my exercises because the balance board works with EA SPORTS Active!

Come on dads, if I can do it with seven kids, you can, too!

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Great job! You are doing fantastic!!!!

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