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2024 New Year’s Butt Blast Workout

2024 is rapidly approaching and it’s time to ask yourself, is your bottom half where you what it to be?

This 2024 New Year’s Butt Blast is a workout designed to target every muscle of the lower body and push it to the max. Every muscle is challenged, both strength- and endurance-wise. The front squats and squat jumps are designed to target the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, and calves, all while increasing your heart rate to burn calories and build endurance. The lunges, backward lunges, and side lunges are designed to target the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip flexors. The step-ups are designed to target the quadriceps, calves, glutes, and hip flexors all while increasing your heart rate and, lastly, the bend over kickbacks are designed to target the glutes and hip flexors.


Reader Question: Extra Weight Equals Extra Calories Burned?

I live in the Sierra foothills and walk 3+ miles several times a week. The walk includes some very steep climbs. Sometimes I carry two 5 pound weights to do arm exercises (shoulder presses and bicep curls.) I usually do 20 reps per side, doing about 10 sets per walk.

Am I burning any extra calories for using the weights or is the benefit just the toning  in my arms?

You are definitely burning extra calories by carrying the extra weight, and here’s why: any time you have extra weight on your body, it is harder for your body to do the same amount of work. This is why overweight people burn more calories than those who weigh less while doing the same amount of exercise. Your body has to work harder to move that extra weight, which means you burn more calories. (more…)

Exercise in the Great Outdoors

Exercising at the park is a great way to enhance your overall fitness level, all while enjoying the outdoors. The fresh air, a nice breeze – nature at its finest! What could be better? Think of the park as your very own exercise playground. I guarantee it’s closer to your home or work than you think. Most parks offer jogging trails, stairs, bleachers, hills, and other useful stuff to add to the intensity of your workout.

I am a personal trainer, and I prefer to train my clients at the park. Not only does it sway away from the enclosed gym, but for some reason each and every workout is more efficient and successful. Enjoying the scenery while sweating it out is beyond inspirational.


A Beginner’s Guide to Resistance Training

resistance trainingOne of the first steps to getting into shape is setting up a resistance training program to go alongside your cardiovascular program. Resistance training is defined as a specialized method of training that improves and increases muscular endurance. Machine weights, cables, free weights, and resistance bands are among the few specialized types of training.

  • Machine weights are a great way to start due to the controlled movements of the machine. All you really need to worry about is how much weight and how many repetitions.
  • Cables are a little bit tougher than machine weights because your movements are not controlled, thus allowing the body to be susceptible to injury if not performed correctly. Cables offer hundreds upon hundreds of different exercises for every muscle group of the body. I use cables for a huge portion of my personal workouts as well. (more…)

10 Week Wedding Fitness Plan: Week 3

buff bridesIt is already been two weeks of the wedding fitness plan and week three is loaded with new exercises, turning our attention to dumbbells. Remember to keep getting plenty of cardiovascular time in as well as a low-fat diet. A combination of cardio, diet, and weight training will help you get the results you want in no time. Stay motivated and dedicated, I promise your hard work will pay off.

Wedding Season Week 3:

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” (unknown) (more…)

Michelle Obama’s Sexy, Sculpted Arms

obama inaugurationWomen often fear any kind of weight training because they don’t want to bulk-up or look ripped. However, Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston are perfect examples of how the right training can give you a lean, sculpted look, without people thinking you’re in a body-building competition.

Yahoo! Shine wrote that you can do the proper training to get “First Lady” arms with just 5 minutes of training a day. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes? Do the following routine, 5 minutes a day, every-other day.

1. Combine a band and a dumbbell. Offers triple toning benefits. Do 8-10 repetitions.

Sample move: Stand on exercise band and hold each end in each hand while you simultaneously do curls with a dumbbell. (more…)

Free Weights vs. Machine Weights

What is the difference between free weights and machine weights? They both can increase muscular strength and endurance as well as tone and define. So, which is better? Free weights (dumbbells) are a more advanced way of weight training while machines control your movement and limit your range of motion. The greater and more difficult the range of motion, the more effective the exercise is, due to the fact that your body has to work harder to perform that specific movement. Depending on the goal of the exercise, you can determine whether free weights or machine weights are more beneficial. (more…)