A Beginner’s Guide to Resistance Training

resistance trainingOne of the first steps to getting into shape is setting up a resistance training program to go alongside your cardiovascular program. Resistance training is defined as a specialized method of training that improves and increases muscular endurance. Machine weights, cables, free weights, and resistance bands are among the few specialized types of training.

  • Machine weights are a great way to start due to the controlled movements of the machine. All you really need to worry about is how much weight and how many repetitions.
  • Cables are a little bit tougher than machine weights because your movements are not controlled, thus allowing the body to be susceptible to injury if not performed correctly. Cables offer hundreds upon hundreds of different exercises for every muscle group of the body. I use cables for a huge portion of my personal workouts as well.
  • Free weights, or dumbbells, are similar to cables because you are in total control of the entire movement and range of motion. Again, make sure to use proper technique and a spotter to help prevent any possible injuries.
  • Resistance bands are a great way to modify exercises, too. Resistance bands are amazing not only because they are an ideal workout tool, but also because they can be used anywhere. Use them at the gym to supplement your weights, use them at home, or on the road. I recommend supplementing your resistance training routine with all four of the above methods of training. I also recommend performing two to three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions with a moderate weight. Use a weight that begins to burn towards the last few repetitions of each set. Good luck!!

Benefits of Resistance Training:

  1. Increase bone density
  2. Reduce body fat
  3. Increase strength and endurance
  4. Strengthen the heart
  5. Increase stamina
  6. Improves circulation
  7. Improves posture
  8. Increases energy levels
  9. Improves sleep
  10. Improves self-esteem

Sample Resistance Training Workout for Biceps:

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