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EA Sports Active – On Tour

ea sports activeWe recently had the pleasure of joining EA for their Sports Active media event in New York City. The event started with a demo of the EA Sports Active game/workout product. Following the demo they allowed attendees to play the units and experience the workout intensity. The workouts require the use of an occasional resistance band and the leg strap for the Wii controller, which are included with purchase. If you have purchased the Wii Fit, you can also use your balance board for a number of the workouts. The balance board, although, is not required for any of the EA Sports Active workouts. (more…)

Couple Gets Fit with EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge

Donny and Kari Claxton at Yosemite.

We recently announced a new fitness game for the Wii, EA SPORTS Active, releasing in May. As part of that product launch, EA has partnered with Bob Greene, Alison Sweeney and a few other gamers and bloggers, including Donny and Kari Claxton. They will join a 30-day challenge, beginning with a retreat with the aforementioned celebs in California, and then have 30 days to use the EA SPORTS Active and journal their experience. We invited Donny and Kari to share their thoughts prior to starting the challenge, and they’ll join us again at the completion. Good luck Donny and Kari!

Kari, a Dallas-area homemaker, and Donny Claxton, a public relations executive, are joining a new adventure together for the benefit of themselves and their seven children by beginning the 30-day challenge using the soon-to-be-released EA SPORTS Active—an interactive and customized home fitness product for the Nintendo Wii that gives one the benefit of a “personal trainer in a box.”

Donny often tells Kari she’s in very good shape.  She’s been using a version of the Atkins diet for the past year or so.  Donny, who has struggled with weight issues since college, admits he has bad eating habits, including a breakfast, with a large sweetened iced tea and a biscuit.  Kari, on the other hand, has Kashi cereal for breakfast, eats very little bread and as few carbs as possible. (more…)

EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for the Wii

ea sports active personal trainerDuring the past year the Wii Fit has become a breakthrough in fitness for many would-be couch potatoes. And while some reports say that the reality of the Wii Fit is that most of them aren’t being used for fitness, but rather gathering dust in the more than 1.5 million homes with one, more games keep coming out.

This past year, Jillian Michaels’ released her own Fitness Ultimatum for the Wii to lack-luster reviews, and there are rumors that the Biggest Loser will release its own game. But before that, the show’s host Alison Sweeney is giving EA Sports Active Personal Trainer a try.

“When do I have time to go to the gym? It really is like a personal trainer in a box. It’s perfect. I recommend it to all mothers!”, raves the new mom about the game that releases May 19. Alison is also joining 11 others in a 30-Day Challenge, to be the first to try the new game and report their progress. The challenge begins with a spa retreat hosted by Bob Greene, and it’s no surprise that his involvement earned the product a Best Life seal of approval. Other participants include web celebs, mommy bloggers, gamers and daddy bloggers. (more…)

Alison Sweeney’s New Baby and Post-Pregnancy Workout

Alison Sweeney with daughter Megan Hope. (via People.com)

Fans of Biggest Loser watching the current season seven might be a little confused by a very noticeably pregnant Alison Sweeney when they learn that she’s got a two-month-old baby girl at home. Sweeney announced her pregnancy during late filming of season six, and was pregnant throughout the filming of season seven. People were surprised to see her six weeks shy of delivery at the season six finale, only to show up a few weeks later on the season seven premiere with a barely-there bump.

After a long day of filming for season seven, a very 9-months-pregnant Sweeney went into the hospital for a routine check-up, still donning hair and make-up from the set. “My doctor was a little concerned and said, ‘I don’t want to leave her in there one more day!” says Sweeney, whose labor was then induced. The short notice gave barely enough time for her husband, California State Trooper Dave Sanov, to make it to her side. (more…)