EA Sports Active – On Tour

ea sports activeWe recently had the pleasure of joining EA for their Sports Active media event in New York City. The event started with a demo of the EA Sports Active game/workout product. Following the demo they allowed attendees to play the units and experience the workout intensity. The workouts require the use of an occasional resistance band and the leg strap for the Wii controller, which are included with purchase. If you have purchased the Wii Fit, you can also use your balance board for a number of the workouts. The balance board, although, is not required for any of the EA Sports Active workouts.

The workouts range from basic to extreme based on your desired intensity level. For those gamers looking for more than the Wii Fit has to offer, the Sports Active product is a more robust and comprehensive lifestyle and exercise manager. It has extensive workout and food journal capabilities for those activities that happen outside of your living room. Catalog outside exercise activities and foods you eat throughout the day in the system for a more holistic view on your progress toward a healthier lifestyle.

donny and kari claxtonWhile at the event we caught up with Donny and Kari Claxton to check in on their results from the 30 day challenge. Donny and Kari were very enthusiastic about Sports Active, and the lifestyle change it has brought to them and their entire family. Donny told DietsInReview.com that he is now down 24 pounds in just 30 days using Sports Active and in addition his family is now taking up more traditional exercise activities, playing tennis, swimming, and more walking.

“The most life changing 30 days of my 43 years … we have made a holistic change on what we eat at home, what we feed our children and how we exercise” – Donny Claxton

Find more information here on the EA Sports Active and don’t forget to keep up with Claxton’s. Photos from the event are on our Flickr page.

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