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David Zinczenko Leads the Charge at Men’s Health with Eat This, Not That Series

The man behind the Eat This, Not That series and editor at Men’s Health magazine is David Zinczenko. He was born of Ukrainian decent on December 13, 1969 in Pennsylvania and grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. At age 6, David’s parents divorced and from there he grew up with his mother for the remainder of his young life. As a child he was overweight and taunted by his brother for over-eating. By high school, David gained control of his weight and following graduation he entered the Naval Reserve. His military career sent him to Moravian College for his studies.

In 1991, David worked as an assistant editor at Men’s Journal. Just two years later he accepted a position as associate editor at Men’s Health. Then, in 2000, he made his biggest career move to editor-in-chief at Men’s Health, where he remains today.

The rising rate of obesity in America was a concern of David’s. He saw how many Americans’ misconception of food was detrimental to their health. He used his knowledge in health and fitness to launch his Eat This! Not That! book series. He helped people across America choose better food options ranging from similar Starbucks coffee to similar TV dinners at the grocery store. David’s success stems from his editorial positions and book collaborations with Matt Goulding. (more…)

Eat This Not That 2024 on The Today Show

Eat This Not That Book CoverTune in to the Today show on Wednesday, April 6 for an introduction to Eat This Not That 2024. Author and Men’s Health editor David Zinczenco will be a guest on the show, to introduce the latest addition to this popular book series. He will discuss how much sodium is really in our food, particularly in restaurant meals. The average American eats about two times more salt than the daily recommended amount. Zinczenco will offer healthier alternatives, that won’t leave you feeling like you can never eat out.


Eat This Not That on Today [VIDEO]

TodayMen’s Health editor David Zinczenko shared his tips to eating out without gaining weight this morning on Today. Zincsenko says that more and more restaurants are adding healthier items to their menus, making it easier for customers to make better food decisions. “These are low-calorie menu options that are popping up everywhere that allows you to fill up without filling out,” he said on the show.

He takes a look at eating out at Denny’s, Starbucks, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and Red Lobster. For each of these restaurants, Zinczenko points out the best dishes to help you cut calories without feeling deprived. Plus, he shares some wild calorie-equivalents that will make you think twice before you order.


Drink This, Not That Review

The authors of the best-selling Eat This, Not That! series have returned with their latest book, Drink This, Not That: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution, an eye-opening guide that uncovers some unsightly truths about your favorite sips. Just released on Tuesday, May 25, 2024, Drink This, Not That will make you second-guess whether or not you want to chug a day’s worth of sugar in your beloved morning coffee drink.

David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, editors for Men’s Health magazine, have not just divulged some of the crazy nutrition statistics of many of the most popular (and unhealthy) American foods, but they have backed up their fact-findings by offering us healthier yet still tasty alternatives. While their previous books have covered foods we eat with forks, spoons or even our hands, in their newest release, Drink This, Not That, they are focusing on what we are sipping through straws.

The truth sometimes hurts, folks, so just be aware that many of the nutrition stats are far from pretty.  (more…)

Best Diet Books of 2024

Diet books are a financial boon for the weight loss industry. Each week a new title releases, and while most seem to be different ways of saying the same things, some truly stand out by providing readers with unique, interesting and reliable information about managing their health and weight.

Recently, Amazon.com announced the bestselling books of 2024, and the list of 100 books included nine stellar titles under the diet and weight loss category.

View Bestselling Diet Books of 2009 Slideshow (more…)

Tune In: Eat This, Not That for a Healthy Halloween on Rachael Ray

rachael rayTune in this Friday, October 30 to the Rachael Ray Show when she invites Eat This, Not That guru David Zinczenko to share his favorite tricks for healthy Halloween treats.

Learn how to play with some of your favorite Halloween recipes so that they won’t send you into a sugar coma. You will also learn how to turn a protein-packed egg into a ghoulish-looking eyeball. Sounds funky?


Tune In: Eat This, Not That Buffet Food on The Rachael Ray Show

david zinczenco and rachael rayTune in this Tuesday, September 22 on The Rachael Ray Show when the bestselling author and Eat This, Not That guru, David Zinczenko, stops by to give us the shocking nutritional truth about 14 buffet table faves.

From chili and turkey wraps to tator tots and the dicey salad bar, Zinczenko will show us how simple swaps at the cafeteria can add up to pounds lost over the course of the year without ever dieting. (more…)

Find the Healthiest Fast-Food Restaurants

We always hear about how unhealthy restaurants are with their giant portion sizes and fat-laden meals, but what about shedding some positive light on restaurants? After all, many restaurants go to great lengths to ensure they’re serving delicious food that let you make healthy dining choices.

Chick-Fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwich

The Chick-Fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwich helps this restaurant earn an A- from Eat This, Not That.

David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, of Men’s Health magazine and co-creators of the Eat This, Not That series, have researched the country’s healthiest restaurants and rated them on a number of different factors. They looked at the calories contained in an average restaurant entree, which is also an indicator of portion size as well as whether or not the restaurant served a fruit or veggie side dish, if they offered whole grains and whether they cooked with trans fats.

Here are their top picks for healthy restaurants: (more…)

The 10 Worst Restaurant Foods

Restaurant food choices are laden with shocking calorie counts.

What would we do without our healthy allies David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, who brought us Eat This Not That!?  They have done some homework for us on the WORST foods you can eat or even split with another person for 2024. And my friends, it doesn’t look pretty. Get out the smelling salts and sit down as you read on about how nutritionally-offensive some of your favorite restaurant and grocery store eats stack up:

(FYI: This list is in no particular order. It’s all bad news.)

1. Bob Evans’ banana pecan pancakes  =  1,543 calories

2. Marie Callender’s Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pot Pie = 1,060 calories

3. Blimpie Veggie Supreme 12″ = 1,106 calories (more…)

Eat This, Not That Supermarket Survival Guide

Our honest and nutrition savvy friends are at it again. David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding who brought us Eat This Not That! have added to their no-nonsense food guides with their latest creation: Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution.

Their book is not a diet, but rather it gives tons of practical and accurate information on how to navigate yourself through the grocery store and not end up with a cart full of Whole Grain Pop Tarts and diet soda while thinking that you’re eating healthy. These two authors and health experts give us food label reading 101 in addition to helping us choose the healthiest snacks, the tastiest and leanest pieces of meat, and the most nutrient-dense produce so that you (and your family) can stay healthy, lose weight and save money. In these tough economic times, that sounds pretty OK.

Even if you think that you know your way around the grocery store, you’ll learn heaps of new information such as secrets that the food industry doesn’t want you to know and the 20 worst foods sold at every grocery store around the country.

With New Years resolutions just a mere month away, you might want to think about pre-ordering Eat This, Not That Supermarket Survival Guide so that when the ball drops, you can hit the ground charging with your grocery cart in tow armed with the healthiest shopping-savvy info out there! The book releases Dec. 30, 2024.

America’s Worst Foods

In the new book, “Eat This, Not That“, the best and worst of the American processed and prepared foods are ranked according to their calorie, fat, sugar and sodium content. Many of us might find ourselves reading over “The Worsts” lists through our hands in fear of coming across one of our beloved drinks, desserts or appetizers from one of this country’s most popular restaurant chains. Eat This Not That

If you’re a lover of Chili’s Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream, you might want to not read the book- or at the very least, share the dessert with 25 of your closest friends next time you order it. Yes, it’s that bad. It holds an entire day’s worth of calories, 1600, and that’s before the queso and chicken fried steak you had for dinner!

But the book is not an all-out bash on our food favorites. It also contains healthy or healthier substitutes. For instance, rather than opting for a seemingly healthy raisin bran muffin from Starbucks, noshing on one of the coffee chain’s breakfast sandwiches might be wiser morning fare. Men’s Health editor-in-chief, David Zinczenko, is the Eat This, Not That author. Rather than tell you everything that’s bad- he pairs the Eat This option along side the Not That option. You’ll be better prepared the next time you go out to eat, and your knowledge might even make for fun table-side banter.

A few other horrifying, unhealthy finds in the book, and their health-ier counterparts include:

Eat This- Quarter Pounder w/o Cheese for 410 calories, 19 g Fat
Not That- Premium Grilled Chicken Club for 570 calories, 21g Fat

Pizza Hut
Eat This- 2 slices Thin N Crispy Ham and Pineapple pizza for 360 calories, 12g Fat
Not That- 2 slices Supreme Pan Pizza for 620 calories, 32g Fat

Eat This- 6″ Double Roast Beef Sub for 360 calories, 7g Fat
Not That- 6″ Tuna Sub for 530 calories, 31g Fat

The book contains dozens of more comparisons. It even reveals the worst food in America, compliments of Outback Steakhouse, the Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch for 2900 calories and 182g of fat. Bon Appetit!