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Food Labels Lead to Confusion, Waste

Open your fridge, and examine the labels on your food. No, not the nutrition labels, the ones that indicate if your food is still safe to eat. Based on the information you find, is your food still safe? Depending on which label your food carries, this may be a harder question than you think.


Many of us assume the three main labels (Sell by Date, Expiration Date, and Best if used by Date) mean the same thing. However, each of those three labels has a distinct meaning that may or may not tell you when you should throw out the food.


Breaking News: DIR Staff Takes a Day Off for Christmas

Thanks for stopping by today, but we’re not here. Once a year our very talented, very hard working team takes a single day off to celebrate Christmas with their families. That day is upon us!

We often joke with concerned family and friends that the Internet doesn’t ever shut down, and neither do we.

We hope you, as well, find some time to stop and enjoy your family and friends during this harried and joyful time of year.

Indulge a little. Enjoy a lot.

Merry Christmas from all of us at DietsInReview!

Biggest Loser Season 12 Premiere Recap and Elimination Interview

Biggest Loser returned to NBC last night for its 12th season! You wouldn’t have found us anywhere but on our Twitter @DietsInReview where we’ve live tweeted the show for four seasons. Last night we gave away a four-pack of Bob Harper’s DVDs, who knows what it will be next week!

If you missed the episode, or just want to relive the highlights, then you can’t miss the first video recap from Courtney Crozier, fan-fave from season 11. From the game-changing twist that happened before the contestants even set foot on the ranch to the first cat-fight of the season, Courtney’s got the good dirt.


Train to Cycle 100 Miles in a Day with Bicycling Magazine


Stop by your newsstand and grab the October issue of Bicycling Magazine and to learn how to train smarter and be on your way to completing a century ride, or 100 miles in the same day. It’s like a marathon for cyclists!

In each issue you’ll receive the information that dedicated or beginner cyclists need to know. In October, that includes how to avoid a crash, a timely piece for riding on windy days, and how beer might just make you faster. Plus, there’s a bike that’s trying to save the world. The question is, are you a cyslist trying to do the same?

Get your copy of Bicycling at your newsstand, or subscribe to Bicycling Magazine and never miss an issue.

Prevention Magazine October Features Dr. Oz

Don’t miss October’s Prevention Magazine, featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz helping people get their body in the best shape of their lives.

If Dr. Oz’s prescription for a better bod doesn’t speak to you, one of the other featured health stories surely will. Dr. Arthur Agatston, creator of the South Beach Diet, offers his tips for having a healthier heart. And with breast cancer awareness month right around the corner, Prevention shares new information about a potential cure for this deadly disease. There’s also a guide for a four-week belly flattening workout. If nothing else makes you pick up this month’s Prevention, surely a guilt-free mac and cheese recipe will do it, just in time for fall.

Grab this copy of Prevention Magazine from your newsstand, or subscribe to Prevention Magazine and never miss an issue.

Women’s Health September Features Zoe Saldana

Grab your September issue of Women’s Health to learn all about how Zoe Saldana keeps up with her strong and sexy bod in a completely uncensored interview.

This special issue of Women’s Health also includes the magazine’s fall style guide, just in time to help you look as great as the weather feels!

This “Hot Body” issue also includes tips for toning on a time budget, living longer just by making simple changes, and if you’ve got a few pounds left to lose learn how to reach your goal sooner.

Grab this copy of Women’s Health from your newsstand, or subscribe to Women’s Health and never miss an issue.

Tune-In: Fastest Growing Cancers on Dr. Oz

Be sure to watch The Dr. Oz Show on Tuesday, September 20 to learn how to spot the warning signs of cancer.

The show titled “Stop the Fastest Growing Cancers Inside of You Before it’s Too Late” Dr. Oz plans to draw attention to the five fastest growing cancers, reveal the biggest risks and offer the biggest solutions.

Dr. Oz will also teach a 10 second cancer test to help you spot the warning signs of the deadly disease before it’s too late.  The episode is loaded with great information for all people, so set your TiVos to take care of your health.

Tune-In: Jillian Michaels Calls Out Parents of Unhealthy Children on Dr. Phil

Tune in to Dr. Phil Friday, September 23 to catch Jillian Michaels doing what she does best: calling people out on their unhealthy habits.

Dr. Phil has a full episode on Thursday dealing with the diets and health of American children. Dr. Phil will feature the story of an obese child removed from his home by Social Services, the story of a 115 pound 4-year old, and the mother who will only feed her 11-year old daughter vegetables to keep her thin.

Jillian Michaels addresses this thin obsessed mother and other parents regarding the wellness of today’s children.

Tune-In: President Clinton Joins Rachael Ray to Improve School Lunches

Tune in to watch former President Bill Clinton on Rachael Ray Tuesday, September 20 as the two tackle the tough topic of child nutrition.

Tuesday Rachael Ray hosts former President Bill Clinton and the two will explain and show how they are working together to transform unhealthy school lunches in America. Watch footage as Ray and President Clinton enter schools and work to improve cafeterias across the entire country.

This is a must-see episode as our kids need a radical change in the menu options at their  school. The unlikely duo plans to help schools see that offering healthy lunch options can be easier than they think.

Tune-In: Dr. Oz Confronts the World’s Fattest Woman

Tune in to see the world’s fattest woman on The Dr. Oz Show Thursday, September 22.

Dr. Oz hosts to a guest who is 700 pounds and gaining. Peaking at 600 pounds, Donna Simpson once aimed to weigh 900 pounds or more, pursuing her goal by eating 12,000 calories per day. She holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for being the heaviest woman to give birth, and appeared to be seeking to break more records.

Simpson once claimed claimed she was happy to be fat, but has now come forward and is asking for help to drop the dangerous pounds. Catch Thursday’s show as Dr. Oz tries to help this woman who is content with eating 20-30,000 calories a day.

Tune-In: Jillian Michaels Tackles Addiction on The Doctors

Be sure to tune in to today, Monday, September 19’s episode of The Doctors to catch Jillian Michaels on her newest TV gig.

Famous former Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels will be speaking up and sharing her thoughts on the American obesity epidemic. Michaels has just officially joined the cast for the new season and will also be continuing with her segment called “Wake-Up Call.” In these segments, Michaels is addressing the personal struggles of individuals.

On today’s show, Michaels will be confronting the subject of addiction. Michaels deals with three couples and three different types of addictions.