Biggest Loser Season 12 Premiere Recap and Elimination Interview

Biggest Loser returned to NBC last night for its 12th season! You wouldn’t have found us anywhere but on our Twitter @DietsInReview where we’ve live tweeted the show for four seasons. Last night we gave away a four-pack of Bob Harper’s DVDs, who knows what it will be next week!

If you missed the episode, or just want to relive the highlights, then you can’t miss the first video recap from Courtney Crozier, fan-fave from season 11. From the game-changing twist that happened before the contestants even set foot on the ranch to the first cat-fight of the season, Courtney’s got the good dirt.

With 15 contestants and only 12 weeks at the ranch, Alison Sweeney wasted no time sending someone back home at the end of the first week. The game’s first casualty was Debbie Lounds, a 60-year-old grandmother from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Some thought the way she handled herself during deliberation justified her week-one elimination, but Debbie told us “I wasn’t coming from a place of meanness… I speak what is on my mind.” Hear about the “catfight” between her and Bonnie, how she’s preparing for the marathon, and what she learned at the ranch in our interview.

Don’t miss any of our Biggest Loser 12 coverage!

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