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Anna Kournikova Explains her Biggest Loser Exit with “TV Isn’t for Me”

At last night’s Biggest Loser season 12 finale, one of the big questions for the next season was about why Anna Kournikova will not be returning to show next season. Our corespondent, Courtney Crozier spoke with Anna after the winners were announced, and learned that Anna didn’t love being in front of the camera all the time.

Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper, Anna Kournikova and Dolvett“The whole TV thing wasn’t really the right fit for me,” says Anna, but she’s glad she had the experience and to have built relationships will all of the contestants. “I had the best time on the show,” Anna says, but that waiting for the finale to reveal her news was difficult. “I hate waiting around.”

Anna is looking forward to the coming holiday, and while she hasn’t planned ahead further than that, she does plan on continuing to work in the health and fitness field. “That’s something that I’m always going to be involved with–sports and health and fitness.” She particularly hopes that she can work with helping children to get involved with sports.

Jennifer Rumple Wins Biggest Loser 12’s At-Home Prize

She was the only woman to weigh-in during tonight’s Biggest Loser 12 live season finale. Jennifer Rumple was one of three, including Vinny and Patrick, to lose the most weight at home on their own. Then, she stepped on the scale to reveal a 43.94% loss of total body weight, crowning her the winner of the $100,000 at-home prize.

We caught up with Jennifer moments after the confetti fell on the finale stage. You can hear from her what it was like to be tonight’s only female winner.

John Rhode Wins The Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages

Biggest Loser 12 winnerIn another suspense-filled finale, tough competitor John Rhode was crowned “The Biggest Loser” of season 12, Battle of the Ages. Starting at 445 pounds, John shed 220 pounds, weighing in at a lean 225 to claim the prize. During the live finale, John spoke about the past failures of his life and overcoming them to start a new, healthier beginning. He also thanked his wife, family and trainers to helping reach his goal. Bob spoke highly of John, saying that he had never seen anyone so determined to win.

All the contestants looked stunning in tonight’s season conclusion, with Ramon and Antone coming in close behind.

The finale revealed a sneak peak of the next season, which will feature family members–but who won’t compete against each other. Dolvett Quince will return for his second season as a trainer on the show, along with Bob Harper. No mention has been made of a third trainer, however, The Biggest Loser is notorious for twists, so you never know what the show’s creators might have in store.


Anna Kournikova Out as Biggest Loser Trainer

One lap around the Presidential Mile, so to speak, is all Anna Kournikova needed. The tennis star, and current Biggest Loser trainer, announced today that she would be leaving Biggest Loser at the end of season 12.

There was broad criticism at the announcement that she would be one of Jillian Michaels‘ replacements, and that didn’t wane much when the season began. Each week fans have lamented her presence during live Twitter chats, constantly wondering about her value to the contestants and calling in to question her experience and credentials. However, the contestants have had nothing but good things to say.

Each week we speak with the eliminated contestants and each time one of Anna’s people were sent home, which was often, they had only positive things to say about her. Recent eliminated contestant Joe Mitchell told us “Anna made me believe I could do it.” Mike Danley, eliminated early in the season, called her compassionate and told us “She can do the job.” (more…)

Jessica and Ramon Become Biggest Loser’s Newest Couple

The most obvious side effect of a stint on the Biggest Loser Ranch is weight loss. However, there’s another one that seems to show itself to a few people every season, and it’s love. This show turns out more relationships than any dating reality show – ever. It’s uncanny! Season 12 is proving to be no different.

It appears that Jessica and Ramon have the hots for one another! While the details are no more clear than the flash of a preview at the end of last week’s episode, a couple of lip-locked “Losers” doesn’t need much more explanation. Ramon even looks right in to Jessica’s eyes and announces “I love you!”.


Dolvett Quince in His Element as a Biggest Loser Trainer

Making his Biggest Loser debut on Season 12, Dolvett Quince has many years working as a trainer and put out his own line of DVDs. He’s the founder of Body Sculptor, Inc., in Atlanta. In this season of the show, he starts off working out with the black team, which is made up of the youngest contestants. However, he says we’ll have to tune in to find out if that gets shaken up or not.

We chat about what the show is like after Jillian, and how he got cast this season. Dolvett also talks about his approach to exercise, and the guilty pleasure he just can’t turn down. Although he’s worked with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Dolvett is not a typical star trainer. He has lots of experience working with obese clients, including someone very near to him. We think Dolvett is a great addition to the show, and can’t wait to see how this season of The Biggest Loser unfolds.

Dolvett Quince and Brandi Koskie

Biggest Loser Recap and Elimination Interview: Season 12 Week 2

If you had to miss Biggest Loser 12 last night, or just want to relive its best moments, then watch Courtney’s exclusive video recap. She weighs in with comparisons to her own experience on The Ranch, noting that she’d promised herself never to give in to the temptations. Something John R. wishes he’d done.


Biggest Loser Season 12 Premiere Recap and Elimination Interview

Biggest Loser returned to NBC last night for its 12th season! You wouldn’t have found us anywhere but on our Twitter @DietsInReview where we’ve live tweeted the show for four seasons. Last night we gave away a four-pack of Bob Harper’s DVDs, who knows what it will be next week!

If you missed the episode, or just want to relive the highlights, then you can’t miss the first video recap from Courtney Crozier, fan-fave from season 11. From the game-changing twist that happened before the contestants even set foot on the ranch to the first cat-fight of the season, Courtney’s got the good dirt.


Biggest Loser Season 12’s Contestants Prepare for the Battle of the Ages

On September 20, fifteen new contestants will walk in to our lives on NBC’s Biggest Loser. It’s the twelfth season for one of TV’s most popular reality shows, and it promises to make us laugh, cry, yell, and cheer for these perfect strangers who will soon feel like our family.

Season 12 comes with a lot of change. There aren’t just 15 new faces to familiarize ourselves with, there are new trainers, too. Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince replace the spot previously held by Jillian Michaels (now a co-host on The Doctors). And for those fans who haven’t heard, season 11 trainers Brett and Cara will not be back at the gym. That leaves veterans Alison Sweeney, the show’s host since season four, and Bob Harper, training since day one, to indoctrinate this group in to the Biggest Loser lifestyle and family.

This season includes eight men and seven women, competing as individuals, in a battle of the ages.

  • Oldest contestant: John Forger, 65
  • Youngest contestant: Courtney Rainville, 24
  • Average contestant age: 42.6

The 15 contestants will be divided in to three groups of five according to youngest, middle-age, and oldest.


Biggest Loser Trainers Anna, Dolvett, and Bob Talk About Season 12

The Biggest Loser season 12 is scheduled to premiere September 20, 2022 and there will, of course, be an entirely new cast to love, hate and celebrate. Amongst those new faces will be two new trainers: Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince. These fitness all-stars will be teaming up with veteran trainer Bob Harper and filling a gaping hole that Jillian Michaels is leaving.

We sent Brittany Aberle, of BL5, to speak with Anna, Dolvett, and Bob live from the ranch during season 12’s first week of filming. Everyone is excited, especially Anna for the new tennis court she’s having put in.

Click each video below to see these exclusive interviews, and comment below letting us know whose training style you’re excited to watch this fall.


Meet Biggest Loser’s Dolvett Quince

It was announced that Dolvett Quince will join Bob Harper and Anna Kournikova as the newest trainer for season 12 of Biggest Loser, which begins filming next week. While it may take fans a while to warm up to the idea of the hit show without Jillian Michaels, Quince definitely has the fitness chops to whip a new batch of contestants into shape.

Quince is an IFFA and ISSA certified master trainer, meaning he has earned master fitness trainer credentials, and is the owner of BodySculptor Inc., and the exclusive Body Sculptor studio in Atlanta, GA which he opened in 2004 with wild success. Quince has used his expertise to train celebrities such as Janet Jackson,  Justin Beiber, Boris Kodjoe and Baltimore Ravens Tight End Daniel Wilcox, but according to his website, Quince says his biggest accomplishment as a trainer was “helping one client lose 325 pounds”.