John Rhode Wins The Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages

Biggest Loser 12 winnerIn another suspense-filled finale, tough competitor John Rhode was crowned “The Biggest Loser” of season 12, Battle of the Ages. Starting at 445 pounds, John shed 220 pounds, weighing in at a lean 225 to claim the prize. During the live finale, John spoke about the past failures of his life and overcoming them to start a new, healthier beginning. He also thanked his wife, family and trainers to helping reach his goal. Bob spoke highly of John, saying that he had never seen anyone so determined to win.

All the contestants looked stunning in tonight’s season conclusion, with Ramon and Antone coming in close behind.

The finale revealed a sneak peak of the next season, which will feature family members–but who won’t compete against each other. Dolvett Quince will return for his second season as a trainer on the show, along with Bob Harper. No mention has been made of a third trainer, however, The Biggest Loser is notorious for twists, so you never know what the show’s creators might have in store.

We want to congratulate all of the contestants of The Biggest Loser‘s 12th season, and look forward to seeing them continue to be inspirations to us all!

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