Jessica and Ramon Become Biggest Loser’s Newest Couple

The most obvious side effect of a stint on the Biggest Loser Ranch is weight loss. However, there’s another one that seems to show itself to a few people every season, and it’s love. This show turns out more relationships than any dating reality show – ever. It’s uncanny! Season 12 is proving to be no different.

It appears that Jessica and Ramon have the hots for one another! While the details are no more clear than the flash of a preview at the end of last week’s episode, a couple of lip-locked “Losers” doesn’t need much more explanation. Ramon even looks right in to Jessica’s eyes and announces “I love you!”.

It’s in that protected space that they see one another at their worst, and some could even argue their best. The contestants on Biggest Loser see each other in a light that couples married decades may not ever even see in their spouses. It’s a unique way to start a relationship, and one that, so far, appears to be unflappable for those who’ve been hit by cupid’s arrow in the gym.

Just a few examples of these couples are Matt and Suzy Hoover, from season 3, who blazed the trail for love found at The Ranch. Antoine proposed to Alexandra at the season 8 finale. And Stephanie and Sam of season 10 were engaged in the very gym where they met and fell in love.

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