Biggest Loser Season 12’s Contestants Prepare for the Battle of the Ages

On September 20, fifteen new contestants will walk in to our lives on NBC’s Biggest Loser. It’s the twelfth season for one of TV’s most popular reality shows, and it promises to make us laugh, cry, yell, and cheer for these perfect strangers who will soon feel like our family.

Season 12 comes with a lot of change. There aren’t just 15 new faces to familiarize ourselves with, there are new trainers, too. Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince replace the spot previously held by Jillian Michaels (now a co-host on The Doctors). And for those fans who haven’t heard, season 11 trainers Brett and Cara will not be back at the gym. That leaves veterans Alison Sweeney, the show’s host since season four, and Bob Harper, training since day one, to indoctrinate this group in to the Biggest Loser lifestyle and family.

This season includes eight men and seven women, competing as individuals, in a battle of the ages.

  • Oldest contestant: John Forger, 65
  • Youngest contestant: Courtney Rainville, 24
  • Average contestant age: 42.6

The 15 contestants will be divided in to three groups of five according to youngest, middle-age, and oldest.

John Forger: 65, 328 pounds

John Rhode: 40, 445 pounds

Mike Danley: 61, 309 pounds

Patrick Ferrari: 26, 387 pounds

Ramon Medeiros: 27, 355 pounds

Sunny Sinclair: 41, 277 pounds

Vinny Hickerson: 27, 426 pounds

Jennifer Rumple: 39, 330 pounds

Jessica Limpert: 26, 254 pounds

Joe Mitchell: 46, 348 pounds

Courtney Rainville: 24, 270 pounds

Debbie Lounds: 60, 239 pounds

Bonnie Griffin: 63, 254 pounds

Antone Davis: 44, 447 pounds

Becky Comet: 51, 238 pounds

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In seasons past, the oldest contestants have won, the heaviest contestants have won, men have won, women have won. There’s no way to know who will take home the $250,000 grand prize this season, but when that person is announced, we hope it lays to rest any notion that age has anything to do with losing weight.

Biggest Loser 12 Interviews, Live from the Ranch!

We sent correspondent Brittany Aberle out to the Biggest Loser Ranch during the first week of filming. She met with several contestants, and the trainers. Watch now to hear everyone’s initial thoughts on the new season.

Anna Kournikova

Bob Harper

Dolvett Quince

Courtney Rainville

Ramon Medeiros

Debbie Lounds

Patrick Ferrari

John Rhode

Jennifer Rumple

Joe Mitchell

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