Anna Kournikova Out as Biggest Loser Trainer

One lap around the Presidential Mile, so to speak, is all Anna Kournikova needed. The tennis star, and current Biggest Loser trainer, announced today that she would be leaving Biggest Loser at the end of season 12.

There was broad criticism at the announcement that she would be one of Jillian Michaels‘ replacements, and that didn’t wane much when the season began. Each week fans have lamented her presence during live Twitter chats, constantly wondering about her value to the contestants and calling in to question her experience and credentials. However, the contestants have had nothing but good things to say.

Each week we speak with the eliminated contestants and each time one of Anna’s people were sent home, which was often, they had only positive things to say about her. Recent eliminated contestant Joe Mitchell told us “Anna made me believe I could do it.” Mike Danley, eliminated early in the season, called her compassionate and told us “She can do the job.”

At this time it is unknown if Anna is leaving for personal reasons or if she wasn’t invited back. Our email to our rep at NBC had yet to be returned.

Filming has begun already for season 13, which will premiere in January 2022. While no confirmation has been made, Dolvett Quince, another new trainer this season and instant fan favorite, has tweeted about being at the ranch, which leads us to believe he will be around for a second season.

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