Meet Biggest Loser’s Dolvett Quince

It was announced that Dolvett Quince will join Bob Harper and Anna Kournikova as the newest trainer for season 12 of Biggest Loser, which begins filming next week. While it may take fans a while to warm up to the idea of the hit show without Jillian Michaels, Quince definitely has the fitness chops to whip a new batch of contestants into shape.

Quince is an IFFA and ISSA certified master trainer, meaning he has earned master fitness trainer credentials, and is the owner of BodySculptor Inc., and the exclusive Body Sculptor studio in Atlanta, GA which he opened in 2004 with wild success. Quince has used his expertise to train celebrities such as Janet Jackson,  Justin Beiber, Boris Kodjoe and Baltimore Ravens Tight End Daniel Wilcox, but according to his website, Quince says his biggest accomplishment as a trainer was “helping one client lose 325 pounds”.

In addition to his training career, Quince also created the Me and My Chair Workout DVD, which is a low-impact, high intensity 30-minute workout DVD that builds muscle and burns calories using nothing but a simple household chair.

The Stamford, CT native currently resides in Atlanta, GA but will be heading to sunny California to begin filming the 12th season of Biggest Loser. Time will tell if he can hang with veteran trainer Bob, but based on his resume, he should be able to help the newest group of contestants see amazing results.

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