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HealthBuzz September 14: NYC Bans Soda, McDonald’s Shares Calories, and Healthy Comfort Food Recipes

Ah, the weekend is upon us and it is time for a dose of healthy news. This week’s HealthBuzz is filled with buzzworthy headlines from DIR and our friends, like Shape, iVillage, Fitday. Plus, we offer some guilt-free comfort foods like 12 healthy pop-tart recipes from Undressed Skeleton.

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New York City Soda Ban Passes; Soda Industry Plans to Fight

Since Mayor Bloomberg proposed NYC’s soda ban a couple of months ago, citizens have been vocal about their support or opposition. As of Thursday morning, NYC approved the ban of sugared beverages over 16 ounces. But, Major Bloomberg and public health officials in NYC shouldn’t celebrate their victory just yet. There is a possibility that the soda industry plans to fight back. New Yorkers for Beverage Choices has already started campaigning in opposition of the ban.

McDonald’s Posting Nutrition Information on Menus Nationwide, but Will it Do Any Good?

Get ready to see calorie counts on McDonald’s restaurant and drive-thru menus. Wednesday morning the company announced that they will be posting their meals’ nutrition information on their menus. Do you think the nutrition information will change the eating habits of fast food customers? Our resident dietitian, Mary Hartley, comments.

Regular Yoga Practice May Increase Productivity at Work

Yoga offers a great deal of health benefits, like less stress, toned body, and improved digestion. September is National Yoga Month, and our yoga expert Jill mentioned that those who practice yoga regularly may even see an increase in productivity at work. See what other benefits practicing yoga brings. (more…)

HealthBuzz August 3rd: Best Olympics Commercial, Fab 5 Diet Tips, and No-Cook Recipes

Before you go out and enjoy the first weekend of the month take a look at healthy news from DIR and our friends. Plus, cool off with some no-cook nutritious recipes this weekend, too!

Best Olympics Commercial: Nike’s Find Your Greatness Jogger

Out of all the commercials aired during the Olympics, Nike takes home the gold for the most motivating commercial. Unlike Nike’s traditional commercial athletes, they use a 12-year-old boy, Nathan from London, Ohio. Nathan sends a powerful message and Nike has outdone themselves.

Saturday Morning Drills: Legs of a Dancer

This week’s Saturday Morning Drill features our fitness expert and Booty Barre founder, Tracey Mallett. Tracey teaches us how to tone and shape our legs to get them looking like a dancer’s legs. Watch the video now and start toning your legs in a fun way!

3 Eating Tips from the Fab Five Gymnasts

The U.S. women’s gymnastics team, nicknamed the “Fab Five,” just won a gold medal earlier this week. Do you want to know how to eat like an Olympic gymnast? We share the “Fab Five” eating tips. (more…)

The Skinny on Free Online Weight Loss Programs

As the Internet is helping us to do all things we could only dream about – work from home, create our own business, do all of our holiday shopping – it is also giving an opportunity to those who want to lose weight, to adopt an online program and drop those pesky 10, 20 or 50 pounds.

There are a host of online weight loss programs out there, but in these tough economic times, spending monthly membership dues on a diet program may be a luxury we can no longer afford. So here is a look at some great online weight loss programs that are, best of all, free! (more…)

Guest Blog: Getting In Shape From Blogging

This week we have a guest blog from Israel at Fat Man Unleashed. He’s a self-proclaimed fat man who uses his blog to share his diet, weight loss and fitness experiences. It’s one of those true-life, weight loss reality checks from someone who’s been there and continues to work hard. His message this week makes me feel better about all the hours I log blogging! – bk

Did you know that blogging can help you with getting in shape? It can also help you with your accountability issues and peer support.

First, just to clarify, blogging itself will not help you lose weight since it is not a physical exercise. However, blogging does help you stay in shape and lose weight indirectly. It can provide you with the motivation you need to stick with your goal. If you start a weight loss blog, you will most likely stick to your diet and exercise. Why? Because you want to prove it to yourself (and others) that you can achieve your goals. Having readers makes it easier to stay in shape and blog about it. The community and support group feeling they provide is comparable to some paid membership sites. Would you want to let your friends down? I wouldn’t, hence motivation to stick to your goals. This helps to make you accountable for your actions.

Blogging can also help you with your self-esteem. When you blog you are writing down all that occurs during your journey. This includes the ups and the downs. As you write down the progress, you can look back at the positive changes you have made. This should motivate you and help you keep up with your newly found good habits. It’s like taking before and after photos. The hardest part is opening up and showing/telling someone. You can also blog about the negatives. These posts will remind you of the mistakes you should not repeat. You would be surprised with the level of support you receive when you post about a “relapse.”

More people should try blogging if they are trying to lose weight or get in shape. If you have not started a blog about your health goals, you should give it a try because it will benefit you in many ways.

Thank you, Israel. This is a great tip for anyone trying to lose weight. If you aren’t comfortable blogging for the world to see, but still want to keep track of your progress and relapses as Israel described- check out the free journal at FitDay.

Exercise on Your Couch

Here’s a fun exercise routine. If you’re an absolute beginner, or just getting back into a routine and you’re a little concerned about where to start, you don’t even have to leave your couch. Or, if you’re in the office all day, you can get started there. So, instead of playing solitaire or Tetris, exercise a little.

You can also use this free fitness journal at FitDay to keep track of your progress.