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Campbell’s Adds More Salt to Soups to Boost Sales

Guest article provided by FoodFacts.com

Do you recall the older winter-time commercial of a snowman dragging his feet into his home from a blizzard; and sitting down to a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup? As he took one sip the snow melted off and what was left was a little boy with a huge smile. That’s Campbell’s. They’re marketing and ads have proven to be successful for many years now, because they are the most popular soup can on store shelves. Why? It could be their advertising, their coupons and incentives, or it could be their salt-filled broth that most Americans have grown to adore.

Fact of the matter is that people-love-salt. Salt on pasta, salt on eggs, salt on mashed potatoes, salt on chicken, the list goes on and on. Campbell’s took notice of this a LONG time ago. They’ve been producing soups with high sodium levels since they first opened their factories in 1869. One half-cup serving of their chicken noodle soup is 890mg of sodium. That’s almost HALF of your daily value of sodium for one day, in just HALF a cup. So basically, you consume one whole can, you’ve had your recommended sodium for the entire day in just 5 minutes, and maybe a little more. (more…)

Worst Menu Items at Chick-Fil-A

Guest article provided by FoodFacts.com

At FoodFacts.com, we like to keep our followers up-to-date with current trends, research, and events. During the month of July, one of the holidays is National Fried Chicken Day. Although we aren’t so sure how it was originated, we do know that many people choose to celebrate this day, especially with the immense patriotism still lurking from Independence Day.

We too would like to celebrate this holiday, but in a more health-conscious manner. You see, fried chicken can be very high in trans-fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Therefore, we would like to take the time to reveal some products you may want to learn more about, prior to indulging. We have decided to feature the very popular chicken-based franchise, Chick-Fil-A. (more…)

What’s Really Lurking in Your McDonald’s Combo Meal [SLIDESHOW]

A cheeseburger is a rather simple food, right? You probably make these a few times every summer on your deck. Ground beef, slice of cheese, few veggies, condiment or two and boom- a juicy burger. No, not the healthiest, but there are far worse things for you, and you can always do a lot to make it healthier — lean beef, reduced fat cheese, top with roasted peppers and avocado instead of mayo. You get the idea.

However, that seemingly same burger at a fast-food restaurant, like McDonald’s, is no where near as simple and is the epitome of junk food. Calling it food might be a compliment.

While we’ve singled out the largest fast-food chain as an example, much of what you’ll learn in this slideshow, provided by FoodFacts.com, is replicated in restaurants across the country.

Do yourself, and your body, a favor and educate yourself on what you’re eating. Knowing what’s in your food, and opting not to eat it, is your way of casting a vote that says “no, I do not want this,” and the only way food producers will hear your message.

View What McDonalds is Hiding in its Food Slideshow

FoodFacts iPhone App Helps with Healthy Choices on the Go

FoodFacts.com iPhone App Screen ShotIt’s no secret that food packaging can be misleading. While most people know that reading the ingredients list on packaged foods is important, they may not necessarily always take the time to do it. FoodFacts.com is a site that’s designed to help users figure out if a food product is healthy in a snap, and now they have an iPhone app that makes this process even easier to use in the grocery store.

Like the site, the FoodFacts app allows users to look up a health score for nearly every item in the grocery store. The scores are on a scale of 1 to 100, with a higher score indicating a healthier food. In addition to a food’s score, FoodFacts also provides you with the list of ingredients, nutrition facts and potential allergens.  From there, you can add the food to a grocery list or save it as a favorite for later reference.

The FoodFacts.com iPhone also allows you to perform a general search using a filter for ingredients you may wish to avoid, like dairy, gluten, sugars or trans-fat. This allows you to find products you can have, without reading through many different nutrition panels. Users have the option of searching individual products by typing in their names or by scanning the bar code. You can also create a personalized profile that helps the app to remember what ingredients you wish to avoid.


Get the Truth About What You Eat at FoodFacts.com

FoodFacts websiteA simple trip to the grocery store requires you to make many decisions when you want to eat healthy. Organic or natural? What food additives should you avoid? What products are the best sources of protein? Or vitamins?

To help you navigate all these questions, FoodFacts.com has created the Food Facts Health Score. This score takes into consideration the nutrition facts on the label plus the quality of the ingredients and boils all that information down to one number, from one to 100.