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FoodFacts websiteA simple trip to the grocery store requires you to make many decisions when you want to eat healthy. Organic or natural? What food additives should you avoid? What products are the best sources of protein? Or vitamins?

To help you navigate all these questions, has created the Food Facts Health Score. This score takes into consideration the nutrition facts on the label plus the quality of the ingredients and boils all that information down to one number, from one to 100.

You can look up over 70,000 food items in the site’s database. Once you find the food you are looking for, you will not only get the Food Facts Health Score, but also the pros and cons of that food, like the vitamins, controversial additives you may want to avoid, and calories.

The site also has a variety of informative videos and articles. You can create a personalized profile to make it easier to find foods that are suited to your tastes and needs. Creating a profile will help you to avoid foods that have ingredients you are allergic to by creating personalized alerts, plus you can create shopping lists, find recipes, and compare items.

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