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Foodily Unveils Condition-Specific Recipe Search to Support Food Lovers in Maintaining Good Health

As social networking continues to grow in popularity, food blogs, websites, Facebook groups and other online forums have become important destinations for people dealing with chronic health conditions.

Foodily, the social recipe network that lets you find and share recipes from all corners of the web, is the latest to join the trend. The company recently launched a new site function that allows people to search for and filter recipes that correlate with a specific medical condition, such as diabetes, gout and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, also known as GERD.

“It’s tough enough dealing with a health issue as complicated as diabetes or GERD on a daily basis, but why should that mean that you can’t have a range of healthy recipe options at your fingertips?” said Andrea Cutright, CEO of Foodily. “All of us at Foodily are dedicated to encouraging people to be both healthy and happy with the food on their table.”


SparkPeople LIVE! Offers Motivational Meetings Online

The largest online weight loss community SparkPeople.com is known for having over 11 million members and offering tons of diet and exercise information that users can access for free.

Their new service SparkPeople LIVE! will offer online meetings and motivational support without ever having to leave your home. These online meetings and classes resemble Weight Watchers meetings that take place weekly. Instead of charging a weekly fee which can really add up, SparkPeople LIVE! charges a monthly fee of only $12.99. For many SparkPeople members, it may be difficult to start paying for any type of service when all other information is free, but the added bonus and accountability make it well worth it. The current offer gives you a free month when you pay for the first two.

With SparkPeople LIVE! you will be surrounded by others also trying to achieve their weight loss goals. You will have the convenience of attending meetings around your schedule and from home. You get to participate through audio, video and chat features made available for each class.


Ellen DeGeneres Launches Website to Celebrate Vegan Lifestyle

While there are a number of celebrity vegetarians and famous vegans who follow a vegan diet, Ellen DeGeneres has joined their ranks with a new site called Going Vegan with Ellen that will serve as an introduction to the vegan lifestyle and offer tips on how to adopt a plant-based diet.

According to the Mother Nature Network, Ellen DeGeneres will celebrate her love for the vegan lifestyle on an offshoot of her official Ellen.com site.

DeGeneres, 53, became a vegan in late 2024, along with her wife, actress Portia de Rossi. The site features recipes, tips for beginning a vegan diet and a list of famous vegans, along with book and film resources for people considering a vegan diet.

While some vegans are celebrating DeGeneres’ commitment to the vegan lifestyle, Mother Nature News reported that other fans are skeptical of her relationship with Cover Girl, one of the largest U.S. brands to conduct animal testing on its products.


YogaJournal.com Offers Free Downloadable Workouts

Yoga is a great workout for your body and mind. The calming atmosphere of a yoga class helps you relax and focus your mind while the challenging poses build strength, stamina, and endurance. However, going to a private yoga class can make a dent in your pocketbook in a hurry. So, what’s the economically-savvy girl or guy to do? You could buy a yoga DVD and do the same workout, day after day after day, or you could follow along with the podcasts on YogaJournal.com.

YogaJournal.com is taught by Kathryn Budig, a yoga instructor in Santa Monica, CA. These online yoga classes are available for yoga students of all levels and feature various instructions, various sequences, and many different poses. You can watch these videos on the website or download to watch later.


Online Calorie Counters: Comparing Resources

Online Nutrition Info ResourcesIn the course of writing for this blog, I find myself looking up the calorie content and nutrition information on a variety of food products, from the exquisitely healthy to the very unhealthy. I use a number of free online tools to find this information, and it occurred to me that our readers could benefit from a quick run-down of the different sites out there and the resources they offer.

First and foremost, all of these sites will tell you a reasonable portion size for almost any given food and its corresponding calories. You can search both name-brand products and generic types of foods. They will also give you a “Nutrition Facts” panel such as you would find on a food package, that include varying degrees of detail. Many of these sites will also give you some sort of composite grade or score, which makes it easier to compare the nutritional quality of foods. A few of these sites also offer a visual tool to accompany this information.


MapMyFITNESS Allows Users to Track Their Nutrition and Workouts

map my fitness website logoKeeping track of your progress is a great tool to help you reach your fitness goals. MapMyFITNESS.com is one such way to track how far you’ve come. This online social community lets walkers, runners, cyclists and hikers of all degrees of intensity map their routes and share their training programs. MapMyFITNESS also recently announced a new nutrition center, which allows members to keep a food journal online.

The new feature includes a searchable database of foods, a water consumption calculator and a personalized dashboard that allows users to see their daily caloric budget. There’s also a way to log the numbers of calories you’ve burned during your workouts.


Get the Truth About What You Eat at FoodFacts.com

FoodFacts websiteA simple trip to the grocery store requires you to make many decisions when you want to eat healthy. Organic or natural? What food additives should you avoid? What products are the best sources of protein? Or vitamins?

To help you navigate all these questions, FoodFacts.com has created the Food Facts Health Score. This score takes into consideration the nutrition facts on the label plus the quality of the ingredients and boils all that information down to one number, from one to 100.